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Madden Community Day: Madden NFL 07 Impressions (360)

The crew over at Madden Nation have posted the following impressions of Madden NFL 07 from Madden Community Day:
  • Nex Gen Community Day Mini Games Impressions
    "For hardcore Madden fans, mini games are sometimes an afterthought. They are a nice change of pace after you’ve run through that 27th year of franchise and have beaten your best friend for the 100th time. This year though, the next gen mini games are receiving a lot more attention from those of us who have had an opportunity to play the game. There is more variety in terms of the drills that are available to play, and the EA Tiburon team has tied the drills into other features such as Superstar and Franchise Modes. Here is a brief look at the drills in next gen Madden NFL 07."
  • Bates’ Madden 07 Xbox 360 Hands-on Impressions
    "Summarizing the running game, it will take time to adjust your defense and learn to stop an effective running attack. (Sidebar: In the informal tournament we had at EA, I was murdered by Portis and the run game. It wasn’t until I adjusted my defense to focus on the run that I was successful. Strategy and adjustment are keys.)"
  • Pasta's Community Day Impressions
    "Controlling the blocker worked well in some situations, such as runs up the middle and taking the FB, or starting right off with a lineman. In other situations it was much tougher to use effectively. It could very well be just cause we have very little time practicing with it. I think people will find it useful, but Im not sure if it will be a real common thing everyone will utilize regular basis."

Alfa Romeo in Test Drive Unlimited Screenshots (360)

Xboxyde has posted some screenshots of the Alfa Romeo, in Test Drive Unlimited.
"Atari today announced Alfa Romeo as the lastest name in their line of manufacturers in Test Drive Unlimited, giving the two cars Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and Alfa Romeo GT Coupe V6 the honor to be in the game."

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