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New FIFA 2007 Details (DS)

Revolution Europe has some new details about FIFA 2007.
"Since the rise to fame of the Pro Evolution Soccer Series, gamers have been split in terms of which footie title they like best. Are you a pro evo fan? Or a Fifa-man? Is it possible to like both?

With a Winning Eleven game set to hit the DS, and a new Fifa title always in the pipeline, it looks like both sets of fans will be happy!"

Postmortem: MotoGP '06

Gamasutra has posted a feature entitled, Postmortem: MotoGP '06.
"It was in early January 2005 that we received our first Xbox360 development kit from Microsoft and were tasked with moving the MotoGP series onto the next-generation of hardware. Over the previous 5 years wed developed three versions of the game on Xbox and PC but this was the first time the game was going to receive the radical overhaul needed when jumping a generation."

Plug and Play Cricket

New Launches has the scoop.
"Playing cricket with a joypad is a bit like playing tennis with an egg whisk. Radica has created Plug 'n' Play cricket an excruciatingly addictive plug 'n' play video game that allows you to swing and bowl your way to glory instead of a normal controller you can control the on-screen action with a realistic bat and ball. When it comes to batting, ultra-responsive motion sensors in the base console react to the timing and force of your swing. Simply stand a few feet away from the base unit and 'wallop' the ball. The ball is even more ingenious as you have to use a proper bowling movement (without letting go) to hurl the on-screen ball towards the batsmen."

Question of the Day

Will we see some sort of football game from 2K Sports next year?

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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 08/09/06 07:28 AM
LOL, that IT office is hilarious!

QOTD - No, it's dead.
# 2 stalsy2310 @ 08/09/06 11:06 AM
QOTD: I think there pretty much done, hopefully they take more time with MLB.
# 3 Behindshadows @ 08/09/06 11:12 AM
QOTD - Who knows? I know one thing though, if they are bringing out something, they need to do it soon. Because right now the Madden series is struggling, as far as making a entertaining - fun, football game.

A 2k Football game of any kind would be a nice change of pace, and a nice blow to their ego's at EA. Even if its generic....bring out something soon...

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