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ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007 Hands On Preview (Xbox)

Pro-G has posted their hands on preview of ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007.
"Your feet can also be moved to apply spin to the ball, and your club face can be changed to give you even more options. Opening the face up will let you add some back spin to the ball, while closing the face makes the ball run on. Club face control is particularly important around the edge of the green and when playing from a bunker. With the entire shot set-up totally customisable you can do pretty much what you want - assuming you've got the skill to pull it off."

Tony Hawk's Project 8 Preview (360)

3DAvenue has posted their preview of Tony Hawk's Project 8.
"One of the biggest changes to the game is the trick system. Neversoft became a little sick of the unrealistic nature of some of the tricks which were creeping into the game and instead have gone back to the series roots with all the tricks performed in game, actually being able to be performed in the real world by the skating professionals. Another change is the addition of the focus system which is by far the best addition to the game where the game will slow down to super slow motion and zoom in the foot where you perform a variety of tricks with a combination of the two control sticks. It looks stunning and will be no doubt the marquee feature for the game."

ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007 Hands On Preview (PS2)

Jolt Online Gaming has posted their hands on preview of ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007.
"Unlike other swing-style games where you swing your stick from bottom to top while viewing your golfer from behind, PSG gives you a golfer’s eye view of the ball as you line up your shot. Once you’ve selected your club, a wealth of parameters need to be considered. How are you going to stand in relation to the ball? How will you angle the face of the club as you swing? You can even shift the weight of your golfer to help with range and spin."

NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 Screenshots (PC)

Boomtown has posted some screenshots of NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2007.
"With NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2007, we are bringing a truly immersive management experience to the hardcore hockey fan," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "Just in time for the fantasy hockey season, players will be able to create their own dynasty by applying realistic strategies and tactics that put them in total control of the action on and off the ice."

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Movie Clips (DS)

GameTrailers have posted some movie clips from Mario Hoops 3-on-3.

18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' Screenshots (PC)

SCS Software has posted some screenshots of 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin'.
"Haul Some! Kick Some! Life on the road is filled with obstacles. Do you have the juice to go from gearjammer to boss man in the trucking business? Climb in the can and find out! You're steering the whole operation, from choosing the trucks to hiring the drivers in your fleet. Avoid the hazards and you'll be haulin' it in. But, make too many wrong turns along the way and it could be a lost cause."

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What are the top 3 games in your rotation?

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 08/10/06 07:28 AM
Interesting on all the cancelled PS3 games.. WOW!

QOTD - Dead Rising (360), NCAA Football 07 (360), and Resident Evil (DS)
# 2 TJdaSportsGuy @ 08/10/06 07:52 AM

NCAA 07 (XBox 360), Frogger (XBL Arcade), Tetris DS (Nintendo DS)
# 3 RockyTop1 @ 08/10/06 07:59 AM
QOTD: NCAA 07 (360), The Outfit (360), New Super Mario Bros (DS)

Possibly Dead Rising, can't decide whether its worth a purchase or not.
# 4 forensicd @ 08/10/06 08:16 AM
winning eleven 9, ncaa 07 (360), and zuma on xbox live arcade.
# 5 ndeezlo @ 08/10/06 08:58 AM
NCAA 2007 PS2, MLB 2006 the show, and there isn't a 3rd spot.

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