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Do you have any questions for the Producers of NBA Live 07? If so, post them here and I'll forward them off to the right people.

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# 1 luv_mist @ 08/10/06 10:43 PM
How is the post up game compared to past times? Are there different post up types like power, finesse, speed??

Are there any additional thing added to the Allstar Weekend besides the soph vs. fresh, allstar game, dunk and 3pt contest?

How exactly is the control scheme layout, or at least a rough understanding of it?

Is the freestyle superstar tweaks in the 360/PS3 version as they are in the XBOX, PS2, GC versions?

Do the players interact with the sidelines?

How well implemented is the player interaction after plays and things like that? THe players always seemed to play basketball in a world of their own. Do they "speak" and gesture to each other?

What made you guys pick Tracy McGrady for the cover of this year's game? Is there something specific that he brought to the game that wasn't brought before like a shooting style, distinct dunk, or something of that nature?
# 2 sense @ 08/11/06 04:51 AM
Do you'll have more camera views for the 360 like broadcast????

What kind of improvements have you done for the cpu A.I. for the 360???
# 3 Lynsanity @ 08/11/06 10:32 AM
#1- When using player lock will the computer take open shots? Last year it was very hit or miss.

Situation One- The computer seldom finished on the break. Usually it would dribble underneath the basket until I pressed the shoot button.

Situation Two- The computer hardly ever took 3's. I could have Kyle Korver in the corner wide open, and he would pass the ball right back to me.

Situation Three- Clock running down, I pass the ball to the computer, it passes the ball right back to me... BBBANNNNNTTTTT! Shot clock violation.

#2 What ever happened to Picking your position pre-game during player profiles? Will that be making a comeback for this version?
# 4 Lynsanity @ 08/11/06 11:12 AM
Deflections and blocked shots (that go out of bounds) counted as turnovers in NBA live 2006. Will that be corrected in the 2007 Version?

Inbounding the ball into the backcourt from midcourt is an automatic turnover in Live '06, but I don't think that it is a turnover in the real NBA, is that being addressed as well?
# 5 Lynsanity @ 08/11/06 11:30 AM
When looking at season stats I noticed that the no one, even maxed out passing and offensive awareness guys averaged more that 8 assists.

I also noticed that non-scorers such as Bruce Bowen often had 12-15 points a game while known scorers such as Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade, and Jason Richardson would often times have sub-20 scoring seasons.

Even more interesting was that a point guard with a high offensive rating would dominate the ball with 20+ points and 7-8 assists. While that is understandable with Baron Davis or Allen Iverson, it is really weird to have Amare Stoudemire average 15 points while Steve Nash is averaging 25 per game, or Jason Williams Averaging 19 per game with Dwayne Wade averaging 12-15.

Last, but not least, I noticed that any player put into the small forward position will have a boost in rebounding stats. Many times going from 3 rebounds per game to over 6 or seven per game. Often, my leading rebounder would be my Small forward, and my guards, even with Kevin Garnet playing the 1, would average 5 or fewer rebounds.

Have any, if not all of these issues been addressed for the NBA Live 2007 version?
# 6 Basketballer238 @ 08/11/06 09:22 PM
my question to them is why are they being idiots and not givin us some next-gen info
# 7 hokupguy @ 08/11/06 09:49 PM
1.where will the pc verison stand will it be next gen or current gen graphics or some where in the middle.

2.well we be able to create more then 50 players on xbox360

3.well we have more shoes and accessories available to us on xbox360
# 8 Ofizzle @ 08/12/06 01:44 AM
Inbounding the ball into the backcourt from midcourt is an automatic turnover in Live '06, but I don't think that it is a turnover in the real NBA, is that being addressed as well?
I can answer this for you.

e. Any ball out-of-bounds in a team's frontcourt or at the midcourt line cannot be passed into the backcourt. On all backcourt and midcourt violations, the ball shall be awarded to the opposing team at the midcourt line, and must be passed into the frontcourt.
EXCEPTION: During the last two minutes of the fourth period and/or any overtime period, the ball may be passed anywhere (frontcourt or backcourt) on the court.

It seems like people are always confused about this. I remember some people before thought you were NEVER allowed to do this. You're allowed to do it,but only during the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter or OT.

1) Does the computer actually run the offense and still look to shoot when the player lock option is used.

2) Have the simulation stats been fixed? It's quite disturbing to have a PG with 99 passing, 99 dribbling, and 99 offensive awareness on a good team, and have then unable to average double digit assists. A guy with those kinda of ratings should be putting up Stockton like assist numbers. Similarly, I don't want to have a guy with 99 block and 99 defensive awareness and is only averaging 2 BPG, that's Mark Eaton range, a guy like that should be blocking 5-6 shots a game if he's playing 35+ MPG.

3) Has the computers clock awarenss been improved? For example when there's about 3 seconds left on the clock, will the computer just inbound and launch up a shot, or will they sprint and try and get as close to the basket as possible before shooting.

4) Will a team's style of play change depending on the players and the coach. Like if Phoenix in year 10 of my dynasty has a roster with 5 defensive guys with a defensive coach, will they still be trying to run and gun and shoot three's or will they play a defensive style?

5) Has the GM logic improved? Will GM's be versatile in how they want to improve their teams logically. For example making a trade to free up a roster spot to sign a FA that plays the position. Rebuilding their team by trading for expired contracts, drafting players that fit into the style of team they want to build etc..

6) Has the charge/block foul system been improved?

7) Will there be 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 in streetball, and will there be 21?

8) Will changing defenses actually affect how you and the AI play? It doesn't seem like it's different to play against a zone or man to man, and some of the defensive sets seem to have no advantages. A defensive set made to stop interior scoring will have you still getting burnt from both the outside and inside.

9) Are there in game saves?

10) Has the rebounding logic been fixed?

11) Will players box out, and will it actually be possible for the user to effectively boxout and actually have contact with their man?

12) Has the offensive rebounding on FT's been fixed?

13) Has rebounding as a whole been fixed where positioning matters, and players aren't just flying around trying to grab rebounds?

14) Are there over the back fouls?

15) Will players who don't play interior positions but rebound well actually crash the glass effectively? For example Marion might move back to SF, and at SF he's still a 9-10 RPG guy. During a game will Kurt Thomas be grabbing 12 rebounds while Marion only get's 5-6, or will the rebound rating actually affect how good the players rebound in game?

16) Will there be a difference for the user in the playmaking ability of a great PG like a Nash or Kidd, and any other guy with speed that can get in the lane and drive and dish, or will every PG be able to average double digit assists when you're using them?

17) Will players who can shoot off the dribble, and those who are catch and shoot guys be differentiated? Many times all you needed was any scrub player with shooting ability, and they could become a good scorer. There needs to be a difference between a players ability to shoot off the dribble and to catch and shoot. Erick Piatkowski can catch and shoot better than Paul Pierce, but he can't create of shoot off the dribble nearly as well, so he should not be able to take over a game with his shooting ability unless it's mainly from the standstill position.

18) Will the AI defense adjust to mismatches and matchups?

19) Will the AI defense adjust to how players are playing? For example if Raja Bell is hot, will his man start sticking with him instead of going to help on penetration by Nash?

Thanks for your time.
# 9 Sully @ 08/14/06 08:00 PM
Thanks, fellas. We'll get these sent out. Look for the interview to be posted soon.

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