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Do you have any questions for the Producers of NBA 2K7? If so, post them here and I'll forward them off to the right people.

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# 1 imdahman @ 08/10/06 08:08 PM

Everyone knows already what I'm gonna ask so I'd love it if we got some news: Free Agency

I'd love to know if the Free agent mechanics have been fixed; I've always felt that the FA mechanics of this game has been its weakest point. Namely, I want to know the following things:

- Got rid of the "one week" resigning period - thus the onus on the GM to resign the player in their last year or earlier
- Unrestricted and Restricted Free Agent status. It doesn't have to be exactly like real-life, simplified is fine, but it should be in there
- 15 days to match offers for RFA
- Player Attitudes; wanting to leave a bad/losing situation, play closer to home, play with college buddies in deciding which team to goto
- Free Agent competition! Just like NFL2k5, the top free agents should get offers from 3-5 clubs, and those top offers should appear in the player screen like NFL2k5
- Players take a few days to decide on offers
- Above items (leaving losing team, play close to home, etc) should factor into choosing a club
- no official deals until July 1st, but offer sheets exist

I would love to know if any of this makes it into 2k7. Proper free agent mechanics have been totally ignored for years and I would love to have it fixed; last year we got real-world numbers; lets take it even further!

Other stuff I want to ask about:
- improved 'players staying put.' IE, Miami is NEVER going to trade Dwade, Cleveland is NEVER going to trade Lebron, yet if you matched salaries, they often did it... is this fixed?
- I want to know about Dunks and how you've improved them this year
# 2 diamondmd @ 08/10/06 08:15 PM
Has the franchise mode been beefed up in regards to free agency and having some competition in signing players as opposed to be able to sign any player you want on the first day without any competition?

I also had a problem with the training during the season because cpu controlled teams did not use this on there teams and therefore there teams did not improve with ratings so using it for user controlled teams made for an unfair advantage for the user in franchise mode?

Will player roles be integrated at all so for example you can't have KG playing the 6th man role on your team and him being fine with it?
# 3 Vlorien @ 08/10/06 08:16 PM
1. What new features or improved aspects have been added to "The Association" mode?

2. When do you plan on releasing more info, screens and clips?

3. Have there been any significant changes to the controls (specifically regarding the Shot Stick/IsoMotion)?

4. Is 24/7 mode going to have an optional fully first-person camera?

5. Have you done anything to create a more realistic off-season atmosphere (Draft Day, Free Agency, Press Conferences)?
# 4 KENYON06 @ 08/10/06 08:28 PM
1. Can you change the ages of the NBA players. Also, once a player hits 30 years of age, do their ratings (especially speed) sink like a rock? In 2k6 Kobe had 60 speed at the age of 34.

2. Has the penetrate and dish game been tweaked? Last year the defense barely collapsed on drivers, and thusly resulted in very few open shots for the other guys on the perimeter.

3. Does the CPU utilize finesse big men like Dirk and Rasheed better? Last year, Dirk would hardly shoot the ball against me. And he never floated out to the 3 point line.
# 5 wildcatchild @ 08/10/06 08:28 PM
Here's a biggie for me:

Will we be able to play non-user controlled teams' games in Franchise mode this season? I don't mind playing an entire season with my Pistons, but every now and then, I get an itch to play as Dwyane Wade with the Heat or play a game with Kobe and the Lakers and see if I can go for 81.

You can do it in College Hoops...why not NBA 2K? I've never understood this.
# 6 STLRams @ 08/10/06 08:30 PM
1.Will NBA 2K7 be a launch title for the PS3, so it can compete with NBA Live 07, if so can we expect any extra features or differences compared to the XBOX 360 version?

2.What has been done to improve the perimeter defense?

3.Has the halftime and end of game highlights been improved upon?

4.Will you have a classic teams feature like in NFL 2K5, where you can play with some the best championship teams in NBA history, like 91Bulls or 85Lakers etc?

5.How have the fastbreaks improved this year compared to last year.
6.How has the dunk and alleyoops improved this year?

7. Are there more authenic teams offense defense playbooks this year,
and will the CPU defensive AI actually switch the defense to zone or other schemes depending on the situation of the game?
# 7 garnettrules21 @ 08/10/06 08:30 PM
1. How many players shooting forms have been added as of right now? (from the recent video clip I hope that isn't your guys version of KG's shot

2. How many "NEW" dunks have been added?

3. How many "NEW" lay-ups have been added?

4. How many "NEW" post animations have been added?

5. Will all features and gameplay options be available on current-gen platforms?

6. Have you added any new post made basket celebrations? The ones that you are still using from 2k1 are getting a bit old.

7. What new tendecies and sliders have been added?

Thanks again for all the hard work!!
# 8 hoopster @ 08/10/06 08:39 PM
NBA 2k series has always had good gameplay, but I think there are little things that could make the game a classic!!
- How is the create a player improved (not 24/7 mode), how many slots do we
- Did you guys add any classic teams or more legends of the game (NFL 2k5 had plenty, College Hoops has tons of Classic teams)
- Can you edit player shoes?
- Did you fix the fade away shot (horrible animation last year)
- Are the Dunks Improved?
- Free Agents (It would be cool to have International players (fictional), and NBDL players
- Are Fast Breaks Imporved, I have never playered and NBA game were players fill the lanes on the fastbreak correctly. you never see good spacing on 3 on 2 or 2 on 1 opportunities
# 9 sho89mtx @ 08/10/06 08:43 PM
is there a dunk contest in the game?
Also what is the new revolutionary dunking system u guys talk about in the E3 videos?
# 10 Ghayghay @ 08/10/06 08:44 PM
- How effective will running plays be this year compared to last year? (players took a long time passing the ball or getting in position)

- Will we be able to get wide open shots (user and CPU)?

- Player progression especially for rookies, will there be any breakout seasons?
# 11 NYJets @ 08/10/06 09:00 PM
Is custom arena music in the 360 version?

Does the computer call a better variety of plays?
# 12 marquiece @ 08/10/06 09:11 PM
what would it take for you guys to have in game saves? Will there be more accessories for us to chose from when editing or creating a player?(like rubberbands, tube socks, different headbands, ect.) Also will you do the same thing with the players that have shoe contracts giving us codes? If so that sux!!! Make them downloadable FOR FREE on xbox live marketplace apon release in the stores. Like for allstar weekend when all the players have on the new shoes can you make them avalible on the marketplace? that would be tight!!
# 13 imdahman @ 08/10/06 09:21 PM
Player Ratings: do they fluctuate more? I think it'd be cool if player ratings went down more severely in the twilight of a players career and after major injuries to either knees or ankles.

Player injury status? It'd be cool to have an injury rating:
A - never been injured, very healthy, not prone to injury, maybe minor injuries here and there
B - injuries in the past, but still mostly healthy (ala Vince Carter)
C - consistently injury prone, but maybe not often severe
D - Injury prone, had severe injuries which have affected player ratings

That's just an idea... if not this version, maybe next year's NBA2k

Sim game like in NBA Live, in that it sims quarter by quarter and you can stop the simulation and jump in and play the rest of the game.
# 14 herkulease @ 08/10/06 10:05 PM
will injuries carry over? I have had players blow out their knee in the playoffs but once into offseason they magically heal.
# 15 mdub05 @ 08/10/06 10:11 PM
- Will playbooks follow coaches? Will coaches adapt to their roster?
Some coaches try to run their system no matter what; others will change their strategy to fit their players.

- Will GMs have ratings/abilities in the same manner as other staff?
This could be done in a manner similar to the legacy mode of College Hoops 2K6.

- Will there be Summer Leagues?
Summer Leagues could be an opportunity to train your young players and to scout unsigned free agents.

- Can you call up/send down players from/to the NBDL?
Develop your young talent through the NBDL.

- Will there be International (FIBA) play during the off-season?
It would be great to be able to earn your GM the honor of running his or her nation's FIBA team during the off-season. To be able to pick the team and play in a tournament.

- Can we edit player numbers?
In the past players wound up wearing strange numbers after trades.

- Can we edit shooting style?
Let us give our created players someone's shooting stroke.
# 16 andrewm1288 @ 08/10/06 10:20 PM
1.How do plan on improving the online experince?
2.In this years game, it seemed like players didn't set up according to their position. Example, anytime I was using the Heat, Shaq almost never set up inside, and was always outside of the paint even on the perimete :|. Has this been fixed at all?
# 17 fstarks7 @ 08/10/06 11:28 PM
will u be able 2 edit authentic shoes this year ? Is the nike ID coming back this year
# 18 sense @ 08/10/06 11:47 PM
Three questions regarding gameplay:

1. Have you addressed the computer defense A.I.?????
Two things i've noticed last year was, the cpu would always double team the low post player, even somebody like a Ben Wallace would get doubled team for NO reason and the weakside guy would double team and give up an easy layup.

2. Has the defense rotation been improved???? What i mean is, lets say I drive by somebody, the defense would rotate late for help or worse yet, not rotate at all giving up an uncontested shot.

3. last year it seemed like the three point shooters took the majority of the team shots, Like a Kyle Korver or a Voshon Lenard. My question is, has this been fixed and is there more of a identity to the game offensively like from inside players, penetrating guards, perimeter scorers and shooters??

One more question

You'll are already Known for your great presentation for your games. Now that you have NBA2k7 for a second year for the 360, what more addition's have you added for 2k7???
# 19 hesk @ 08/11/06 12:41 AM
1. how is court spacing this year? in previous years its been good, yet player
tend to clutter certain areas too often.
2. what about the passing, dribbling, game?
3. will i have the ability to "lock" some one down on defense?
if so will i also be able to break down and dish on offense?
4. how has the post game been improved? are there more post moves/
5. in this years game, how quickly do player models react to the ball?
6. i know we can now dive to the floor for loose balls, will we be able to do
so for ones sailing out of bounds?
7. are there any game winning shot/finals champions celebrations?
8. will there be player momentum in the game this year?
ex. pressing turbo too much might result in a charge. w/o the
ballhandler running in place first.
9. will there be 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4, 5 vs. 5 half & fullcourt challenges
in 24/7 this year b4 we reach the ebc tourney so that our street player
will have some team skills b4 he enters the league?
# 20 mizzta21 @ 08/11/06 01:55 AM
does the computer actually play zone D if we are driving the lane too easily to mix it up a bit?

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