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NBA Live 07 Preview (360)

TalkXbox has posted their preview of NBA Live 07.
"As for the gameplay, the team has thrown out the '94 system and introduced all new computer A.I. They took their time with building up this engine and want to keep adding new features with the upcoming years. New to this year’s version is the Superstar Types. There are five different superstar types and three levels of which they could be. The five offensive types showcased were ‘High Flyer,' ‘Playmaker,' ‘Post,' ‘Scorer,' and ‘3PT.' The only two of them should need a clarifying. ‘Playmaker’ is a superstar type that is known for passing."

Madden NFL 07 Dallas Cowboys Picture Pack (360)

According to Major Nelson, there is a Madden NFL 07 Dallas Cowboys Picture Pack available on the Marketplace.
"A 'Madden NFL 07' Dallas Cowboys picture pack (60 points) and theme (150 points) is now on Marketplace for Xbox Live Members in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand."
I'll be grabbing that, thank you very much.

Update: It looks like they've just added the Indianapolis Colts.

EA Warehouse Before/After Madden '07 Arrival Images

ScrewAttack has posted some before/after Madden '07 images from EA's warehouse.
"All you Madden-holics get ready- Madden '07 is ready for shipment. EA has hooked ScrewAttack up with pics of their warehouse- Why? To show our g1s exactly how many copies are being shipped. Holy crap! Get those helmets on... Madden '07 is in stores August 22nd."

Question of the Day

How excited are you about the upcoming season? How do you think your team will do?

I'm very excited, just like every season. This season, in particular, I can't wait to see T.O. and the offense in action. I think the defense, after a full year in the 3-4, will come together well and have a great season. I predict the Boys go 10-6, which might actually win the division. I think they'll win 1 playoff game, but fizzle out. Hopefully they can make it to the show!

Other Stuff...
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# 1 TJdaSportsGuy @ 08/20/06 10:00 AM
I'm always extremely excited about the NFL season, despite how bad or good I think my team will do.

Speaking of which, I look for this to be a tough season to be a Bills fan. In the end though, hopefully we'll know whether or not J.P. Losman is the QB of the future.

And if he isn't and they only win 3 games this season...Brady Quinn, WELCOME TO BUFFALO!!

# 2 dieselboy @ 08/20/06 11:35 AM
I am super excited for the upcomming season.

I think the WSU Cougars will finish with 6 or 7 wins, and get a weak bowl.

As for the Seahawks, I think we will go 12-4, and head to the NFC Championship, but I'm not promising SB.
# 3 MachoMyers @ 08/20/06 03:53 PM
NFL - very excited, considering all the big storylines that will play out and maybe the last hurrah for Favre. Green Bay, while not ALL that talented has a decent schedule so may be able to pull a playoff berth out of their ***.

NCAA - As for the Cougars, I can never tell with this team. They get predicted to finish dead last and get into a BCS game or vice versa. I'm just gonna support my team and hope for the best.
# 4 VanLo @ 08/20/06 09:13 PM
QOTD: This is the first year I'm old enough to buy Sports Select, so I am pumped for the NFL season. Every game is that much more exciting when you have money riding on it

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