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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Movie Clip (360)

Xboxyde has posted a movie clip from Pro Evolution Soccer 6.
"Let's with the coverage of this Game Convention 2006 with a much awaited game for us europeans: PES6 for 360. This video shows some gameplay and replays, I can't say I've been impressed though."

Texas Hold 'em hits XBLM - FREE for 48hrs! (360)

360Monster has the scoop.
"You can now download Texas Hold 'em from the Xbox Live Marketplace from today. You have 48hrs (0800 GMT Wednesday to Fri 0800 GMT) to grab this game for FREE, after which it will cost you 800 MS points. This offer is available to Xbox Live Gold and Silver members in all regions except Japan and Korea."

Mario Strikers Coming To Wii

DarkZero has the scoop.
"If you were reading our live update of the Ninty confrence we will already know this but for those that did not Nintendo are bringing Mario Strikers Charged to the Wii which is of course the follow up title to Mario Smash Football on the GameCube. The game uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk Controller to let players to win the ball, score unstoppable goals and take control of the goal keeper to perform spectacular saves."

No PS3 FIFA in 2006

Boomtown has the scoop.
"Electronic Arts has finally unveiled the next-gen version of the latest FIFA game but there's bad news if you were expecting to play the game on PS3 before Christmas. The game's producer Hugues Ricour has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 version won't be released until next year."

Eurogamer Update (Multi)

Eurogamer has posted the following:
  • Next-Gen FIFA Debuts on 360
    "EA Canada has rewritten the gameplay engine from the ground up - something that took "100,000 man-hours" according to Ricour - and consists of a new animation engine, physics engine and AI system."
  • Mario Strikers Dated
    "The two new games were Mario Strikers Charged - a Wii-controlled evolution of the Mario Smash Football/Super Mario Strikers title on GameCube - and Battalion Wars II (or BWii - clever!). Both are playable at the show, but the latter wasn't demoed during the conference."
  • FIFA 07 Interview
    Eurogamer: "And presumably you see a lot of deflected shots and that sort of thing now."
    Hugues Ricour: "Yep, it adds a lot of variety to the game, with rebounds dependent on the spin of the ball. Each situation is unique and because each player thinks, it really becomes quite unpredictable and that brings a lot of fun to the game. It's very fluid, very natural, and you really have to build your actions and react to each situation."

Question of the Day

Would you be interested in a Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) for sports video games?

I've been waiting for something like this to happen for a long time. Just imagine 11 on 11 football, where none of the players are driven by the AI, 5 on 5 basketball, the list goes on.

Other Stuff...
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
Dez, thegoat30 (28), rawdog805 (27), DaHokieBird (21), DJJBulls (20), Jayhawk (17), BlaZinStAnG213 (17)

Member Comments
# 1 RockyTop1 @ 08/23/06 07:41 AM
QOTD: I think that would be awesome as long as you play with guys you know or guys from OS. I couldn't imagine getting 22 guys from the Vets league and playing a game of football. That would be an awesome experience.

PS. Cowboys goin down Steve. I sent ya a FR.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 08/23/06 07:46 AM
LOL, I added you last night bro. The Colts are no match for me!
# 3 FASJ6418 @ 08/23/06 08:06 AM
QOTD - that would be a dream come true - and i think we are heading on to that direction... 5 on 5 hoops would be fantastic. if you call a play, your friends would actually have to set a screen or cut to the basket.
# 4 Behindshadows @ 08/23/06 11:31 AM
QOTD - YES!!!! Very much so....that would great multiplayer online...
# 5 Boltman @ 08/23/06 05:28 PM
Originally Posted by FASJ6418
QOTD - that would be a dream come true - and i think we are heading on to that direction... 5 on 5 hoops would be fantastic. if you call a play, your friends would actually have to set a screen or cut to the basket.

I have an even better idea, how about you hook up with 4 of your friends, hit the local courts, and do it in real time!!

Just busting chops, nothing more.

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