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NEW YORK, NY: With blogs, videos, and social networking emerging as the next generation of content on the web, IamtheFan.com is introducing a website geared towards sports fans, debuting at the beginning of this NFL season. The site, whose slogan is “Where real fans go to talk about their team, and insult yours” will combine fan insight and trash talk into a season-long game for cash and prizes.

IamtheFan.com will offer fans the opportunity to meet other fans, receive up-to-the-minute game scores and stats, and discuss the state of their team as the season unfolds. During the games, the site will have live chat rooms dedicated to each NFL game, where fans can celebrate, rant, whine, and deliver insights TV commentators don’t.

Aside from football content, the site will offer a spot for fans to submit their funny sports related videos and a competition for amateur cheerleaders, with a cash prize for the winner. Players can also enter their football picks into the Pool, with cash prizes for the winner each week.

The site intends to funnel ad revenue into the prize pots, so that as traffic and advertising revenue grows, the prizes will get bigger, with more chances to win. “On a lot of sites the users don’t want advertising and they resent it. By giving our users a share of the revenue through increasing prize money, they will see a direct benefit, and it’s given out in a fun way through a game”, says Joe Infantolino, one the co-founders of IamtheFan.com.

The Pool, which is based on an Office Pool, doesn’t collect the dollar or so you usually chip in. Instead, a Player makes their picks and wins the money that was generated from ad revenue. “What we want to do is mirror the experience people have around sports. You go to the office, you play the pool. You go to a bar, you buy a box. The difference with IamtheFan.com is we don’t make the fan pay, because gambling on sports is illegal. It’s more like a prize on a game show,” says Infantolino

Dave Silver, a co-founder with a background in advertising, described the concept this way: “The NFL is one of the largest male television viewing audiences, and they are crucial to any male sports buy. By giving advertisers a way to reach that audience all week long, they can maximize the value of their television investment, and keep their brand in front of a loyal, tech savvy portion of that audience every day of the week. Other marketers, who can’t afford the NFL, can reach the most desirable portion of the NFL audience at a fraction of the cost.”

The emphasis of IamtheFan.com is on having fun, playing games, and watching what a real fan does when you give them a voice. “Too much sports programming around the NFL is about old athletes and coaches acting like journalists and trying to be objective. It misses what the fan experience is. Fans aren’t trying to be neutral, they want their team to win,” says Keith Goldberg.

“When you think about how guys interact with other guys, sports is one of the first things they talk about. Whether it’s your friends or someone you are meeting for the first time, it’s an easy subject to start a conversation, and it goes on endlessly. This is social networking for guys,” added Keith Goldberg, another co-founder.

The primary game on the site is called The Big Game, in which each Video Players from one NFL team face off against Video Players from opposing teams, depending on who their team plays each week. Each Video Player is ranked according to a traffic-based algorithm that adds variables like viewer ratings, number of links sent, and many other data, to create an overall score. Winners compile a League Ranking, as well as a Won/Loss record in head-to-head competition, which puts them in the running for the Big Pot, the largest cash prize on the site. In a nod to the power of social networking, fans will also be able to meet other fans by creating a Playbook, like a profile page, where they can add Teammates and Rivals, send links and emails, and talk to other fans.

In addition to sports fanaticism, sex appeal for users was important. So the site will be offering a cash prize each week to the Best Cheerleader of the Week, as well as a prize at the end of the season. The primarily male audience will have a bevy of cheerleaders to watch and rate. “It’s basically our version of the NFL cheerleader, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, and Maxim magazine,” says

Silver. “If it helps a cheerleading squad buy uniforms or can help a cheerleader out on tuition, OK, that would be great.”

IamtheFan.com is bringing sports fans into the rapidly expanding frontier of social networking. Drawing aspects from other sites and creating a haven for football fans, IamtheFan.com is truly one of a kind and is ready to take its place in the socially active online community.

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