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Forza Motorsport 2 Delayed (360)

360Monster has the scoop.
"We have already heard of TimeShift being delayed and now comes another delay this time for Forza Motorsport 2. The game was originally meant to hit stores by Christmas of this year, but it looks like gamers won't get their hands on the racing title until an un-announced date in 2007."

Ridge Racer 7 Screenshots (PS3)

Kotaku has posted some screenshots of Ridge Racer 7.
"I've never been a big fan of the Ridge Racer franchise. I hated it on the Xbox 360 and expect to hate it on the Playstation 3. But I know there are those of you out there, Kaz among them, who love the game. So this is for you. Namco just sent out a big ol batch of Ridge Racer 7 screens for the PS3."

Forza Motorsport 2 Preview (360)

GotNext has posted their preview of Forza Motorsport 2.
"The big difference between Microsoft's Forza series and Sony's GT franchise thus far has been real-time damage. Despite years of talk from Sony about how car manufacturers wouldn't allow their cars to be shown damage... apparently it was the limitations of the PlayStation 2 hardware that kept us playing bumper cars all those years. This time around FM2 is said to feature damage "more severe both visually and performance-penalty wise."

Need for Speed Carbon Screenshots (360)

Xboxyde has posted some screenshots of Need for Speed Carbon.
"EA released these images of Need for Speed Carbon. I'm not completely sure they are new, but at least they weren't online here before."

Forza Motorsport 2 Screenshots (360)

Gameinfowire has posted some screenshots of Forza Motorsport 2.
"Forza Motorsport 2,” the sequel to Microsoft Game Studios’ award-winning, fully customizable driving simulator “Forza Motorsport,” speeds its way onto Xbox 360 this holiday. With authentic simulation physics, bone-jarring damage, photo-realistic graphics, and licensed tuning and customization options, the franchise improves on the unprecedented features gamers enjoyed in its debut installment. Loaded with more than 300 of the world’s hottest cars for you to collect, personalize and tune, “Forza Motorsport 2” gives you a complete racing experience."

Ford Boldly Moves to PSP

GamingGroove has the scoop.
"While this seems like old news, Eidos says it plans to bring Ford Bold Moves Street Racing to the PSP this fall. What makes this post seem like old news is because the game is already slated to hit the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC this month (duh). The PSP version will be unique in that it will feature new tracks, vehicles, team racing modes and wireless multiplayer racing features."

Question of the Day

What is your favorite sport, real life and video game based?

Basketball for me, I love playing the sport! As for my video game pleasure, it would have to be football.

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Member Comments
# 1 orton1227 @ 09/07/06 08:50 AM
Real life: Soccer
Video Game: Football (unless games like Football Manager count, then I'd say soccer).
# 2 Shaver @ 09/07/06 09:05 AM
To Watch: Football
To Play Growing Up: Baseball & Football
To Play as an Adult: Basketball & Golf
Video Games: Football
# 3 MachoMyers @ 09/07/06 09:27 AM
Football for both.
# 4 ndeezlo @ 09/07/06 11:36 AM
Playing-Basketball, indoor soccer
Watching-College Football
Video Games-Football
# 5 nyisles16 @ 09/07/06 11:47 AM
watching : baseball/football

video games: baseball/hockey

playing: whiffle ball & football
# 6 OSUG1 @ 09/07/06 11:58 AM
Watching: Football

Playing: Basketball & Baseball

Video Games: College Football
# 7 aukevin @ 09/07/06 12:46 PM
Favorite sports: Baseball
Favorite to watch: College football
Favorite to play: Baseball
Favorite video game sport: Baseball
# 8 Stu @ 09/07/06 02:03 PM
Watch: Baseball
Play: Football
Video Game: Baseball
# 9 Acid @ 09/07/06 03:57 PM
To Watch: Soccer
To Play: Tennis
To Play (younger): Basketball
Video Game: Football
# 10 Beantown @ 09/07/06 05:02 PM
Watch: Football.
Real Life playing: Soccer or wiffle ball
Video Game: football or baseball
# 11 GrandmasterB @ 09/07/06 06:19 PM
Watch: Tie between Football and Hockey
Play: Baseball
Video Game: Football

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