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NBA 2K7 Video Interview and NHL 2K7 Screenshot (Multi)

2K Sports has posted a video interview with NBA 2K7 Gameplay Project Manager Rob Jones, as well as a new screenshot from NHL 2K7.

NHL 2K7 Interview (Multi)

2KHockey has posted an interview with Ben Bishop, Project Manager of NHL 2K7.
2KHockey: "Some past criticisms of the AI have included a lack of defensive aggressiveness and neutral zone pressure, as well as shot variety and their capitalizing on scoring chances. How has the AI been improved in 2k7? Will they shoot at more appropriate times and mix it up between wristers and slappers? Do they crash the net when the goalie has the puck and do a better job of shooting from the point?"
Ben Bishop: "We did a ton of work on the AI this year, and all of the areas mentioned above have been touched. The CPU is very good at cycling the puck and setting up for a good shot, and often it really looks like an NHL offense as they move the puck around. If you crank the difficulty up to Pro or All-Star, they will score, whether it be on a wrister, slapper, rebound goal after crashing the net, or yes, even an occasional one-timer. On the defensive side, we worked a lot on positioning, so you’ll see players making better decisions on which man to go after and what area to play. This makes the human player really have to work the puck around themselves to find a good opening. It’s definitely challenging in a much different way than 2K6 was."

Cricket 07 This November (PC)

Eurogamer has the scoop.
"Other new features include a picture-in-picture display with shot timing gauge, running assistance indicator and radar, and on-the-fly "Dynamic Field Positioning" and "Quickswitch" systems for adjusting the field and bowler's line of attack without a break in play. On top of that, a "Quickplay" cricket setting lets you alter the game's pace and difficulty, going for quick-and-simple Twenty20 or slow-and-difficult five-day tests."

GSR - German Street Racing screenshots & Movie Clip (PC)

3D Gamers have posted some screenshots of GSR - German Street Racing, including a movie clip.
"A big batch of new screenshots for GSR - German Street Racing is now available for download along with the GC movie trailer for the budget-priced arcade racing simulation being developed Team6 game studios."

Need for Speed Carbon Preview (PC)

GameWorld Network has posted their preview of Need for Speed Carbon.
"If you are wondering about the tone of the game, NFS: Carbon is aiming to be a night time game. If you remember, NFS: Most Wanted leaned towards more of an afternoon / dusk racer. The storyline follows the main character from Most Wanted leaving Rockport and going back to Carbon Canyon (hence the name). There he meets up with resident baddie, Darius, who will fill the void for the missing Razor as the villain we all love to hate. The city you’ll be traversing is modeled after portions of San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sante Fe. If you look closely, you may just end up seeing the areas in the game that resemble Stanley Park, Long Beach, and Venice Beach."

Cricket 07 Screenshots (PC, PS2)

Game Informer Online has posted some screenshots of Cricket 07.
"This is the cricket game for both hardcore and casual cricket gamers alike. It is accessible for the new user and full of the subtleties and nuances that make the great sport of cricket so unique," said Justin Forrest, producer, EA Canada. “Our new, innovative 'Century Stick' control system will change the way all fans approach gameplay as you’ll now have full control over foot choice, shot selection, shot power, and shot direction - it's never felt this close to actually wielding a bat before. You won’t experience cricket this authentic without putting on your whites and walking down the pavilion steps yourself."

Question of the Day

Which hockey game are you purchasing?

I'll grab both NHL 2K7 and NHL 07. I don't follow hockey that much, but the game is fun to play.

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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 09/12/06 08:01 AM
QOTD - NHL 07 ... I too don't care for hockey, but love the games. There's an outside chance of me getting both.
# 2 RockyTop1 @ 09/12/06 08:30 AM
QOTD - I normally don't pick up hockey games, but I think I'm going to try out NHL 07. The demo is fun, the controls are very intuitive. Plus it's getting glowing reviews.
# 3 MachoMyers @ 09/12/06 08:32 AM
QOTD - Probably NHL 07 down the road when it goes down in price.
# 4 ndeezlo @ 09/12/06 10:52 AM
haven't played a hockey game since the debacle, don't know if i'll pick up either
# 5 teddyballgame78 @ 09/12/06 11:16 AM
nhl 2k7 for me this interview sealed the deal
# 6 Behindshadows @ 09/12/06 02:30 PM
QOTD- Neither, I love hockey, but both games have things I'm really not liking. And both have things that I love. But overall not too interested in one this season.
# 7 tabulaRasa @ 09/13/06 02:33 AM
Probably get both NHL07 and NHL2k7. The AI of NHL07 seems suspicious though, a few people have complained about defenders and offense switching positions, and unaware defence, and that itīs all offence and lacks good defensive controls.

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