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We have just posted our Test Drive Unlimited review. Find out what Mark Fossen had to say about it.
"The basic framework of Test Drive Unlimited is simple and familiar: get the best car you can afford, race in various events, win money, buy the next best car, lather, rinse, repeat. It’s your industry-standard car collecting/driving/racing game, featuring licensed cars, various race types, and little else. Realistically modeled locations are also nothing new, so Test Drive Unlimited ups the ante by serving up an entire island. Not a small one, either: Oahu, vacation destination for many, is your playground. Over 90 vehicles and thousands of miles of Hawaiian road might be enough for some games, but then Test Drive Unlimited pulls its pocket aces: an online experience that’s so revolutionary, they’ve created a new acronym to capture it: "Massively Open Online Racing". If Ferraris and Lamborghinis are more your speed than elves and wizards, this is the massively multiplayer experience you’ve been waiting for. Move over “MMO”, here comes the “MOOR”."

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