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NBA Live Community Letter To EA

NBALive.org has posted an NBA Live Community Letter to EA, which includes members compiling videos of some bugs, some of which can be found on YouTube.
"As long time NBA Live fans, some of us even from when EA was putting "vs." in their titles, we have been around the block with EA many times. Most of us have gone beyond mere fans into "fanatics" spending countless man-hours on fan sites or making modifications or patches for the games. Even those of us who have not, have spent as many hours involving ourselves in an ever expanding community of other NBA Live fans. If anyone deserves the tag "hardcore fan" it's us. We have stuck by EA and NBA Live in the face of serious competition from the 2K series.

For us however, NBA Live 07 is the final straw. The one that broke the camel's back. The spark that set the field ablaze. Until this release we overlooked any flaws in the game, ones that some of us considered major even if others of us considered them minor. But this release has ignited feelings that EA doesn't care about its fans, which is the reason we are writing today."

EA Embraces Live Marketplace (360)

Eurogamer has the article.
"EA is making a concerted move into downloadable content delivery on Xbox Live Marketplace with the launch of several premium packages for Madden NFL 07 and NCAA 07, and says we're only going to see more of it from now on.

Vice president of online commerce Chip Lange told GameSpot that downloadable content was "a real creative opportunity that we're now starting to embrace."

NBA 2K7: Reelmaker and Cabela's Alaskan Adventures Themes Available (360)

Major Nelson has the scoop.
  • NBA 2K7: Reelmaker
    "Download this powerful replay editor and construct your own highlight reels in ‘NBA 2K7.’ This content is 400 points and not available in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, or Taiwan."
  • Cabela's Alaskan Adventures Themes
    "Two new themes are up, based on ‘Cabela's Alaskan Adventures.’ The Hunting and Fishing themes are 150 points each and only available in the U.S. and Canada."

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# 1 Acid @ 10/05/06 02:44 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS

Those are hilarious.
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Originally Posted by Acid

Those are hilarious.

those were good
# 3 Scott @ 10/05/06 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by dieselboy

those were good
haha only one i knew about beforehand was the www.mp3****s.com
# 4 Beantown @ 10/05/06 04:01 PM

Some of those are hysterical.

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