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Tecmo Super Bowl NFL Week 5 Simulation

The Ex-'Burgher has posted week 5 of his Tecmo Super Bowl NFL Week 5 simulation.
"At the request of several readers, including Jason C., I checked how I've been doing against the spread (and against Simmons, also requested). Not great news: Overall, I'm 28-30-2 (9-7 Week 1; 8-8 in Week 2; 5-7-2 in Week 3; and 6-8 in Week 4). Simmons is 29-29-2 for those who were interested (I guess "reading every magazine" and "watching every show on Tivo" and "agonizing over every pick" is worth…one win over a Nintendo game).

Also at the behest of a reader, Derek T., I played some of this week's games as the home team, hoping to mimic "home field advantage." I'm not sure WHY I'm doing this, since, um, I was just about .500 as the away teams, but it's worth a shot. Many thanks for this idea that only kind of confuses me and probably concerns no one else!"

Madden NFL 07 Week 5 Simulation

ESPN Videogames has posted week 5 of their Madden NFL 07 Week 5 simulation.
"The Eagles shut down Terrell Owens in his highly-anticipated return to Philadelphia, allowing the controversial receiver just two catches while keeping him out of the end zone. That was a big key to Philly's win, as they forced Drew Bledsoe to look elsewhere for much of the day and forcing him into poor throws several times thanks to an effective blitz. Bledsoe had an interception and a fumble, with the latter turning into a quick score for the Eagles as Donovan McNabb found Greg Lewis from 14 yards away to pace the Eagles to a 10-3 lead."

That's Right: Hockey Article

The Ex-'Burgher' has posted an article entitled, That's Right: Hockey.
"So, in case you missed it, hockey started this week, and the Penguins opened last night. The season began well--with a 4-0 win over the Flyers, who are all jagoffs--but can they keep winning if their opponents take twice as many shots, win more face-offs, and take less penalties all season long?

To find out, I called in a couple friends--Pat Stack, he of mucho real, actual journalism, and his friend, Brian "Zambo" Zambotti. Read on and learn "aboot" hockey, hosers."

Wii Sports Preview (Wii)

Cubed 3 has posted their preview of Wii Sports.
"Wii Sports is the game that Nintendo are pushing over all others as the title for the Wii. At every press conference, in every media pack, in every press release Wii Sports is being heralded as the game of all games for the innovative new system. It is an interesting move to make your key title one that graphically looks like a load of deformed LEGO characters running around, but Nintendo seem pretty adamant that it is what they want to do. Having played it extensively at the recent London event, we only have good things to report."

Formula One Movie Clip (PS3)

Playsyde has posted a movie clip from Formula One.
"Last 50fps video for today, here is Formula One with an even more impressive speed sensation than before. Incredible."

Question of the Day

Do you have the day off tomorrow?

Yup, and it couldn't have come at a better time!

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Member Comments
# 1 Scott @ 10/08/06 10:12 AM
QOTD: Nope I have both work and school.
# 2 MachoMyers @ 10/08/06 11:17 AM
I get Monday AND Tuesday off...Boo ya!
# 3 Acid @ 10/08/06 12:48 PM
I have school and work tomorrow.

Tomorrow sucks!
# 4 Beantown @ 10/08/06 12:52 PM
That I do.

Party tonight
# 5 dieselboy @ 10/08/06 02:59 PM
Nope. School.
# 6 Pete1210 @ 10/08/06 06:49 PM
QOTD: Off from work. But with a wife and 3 kids, still working.
# 7 slickdtc @ 10/09/06 07:19 AM
QOTD: You know it. And off Friday for some reason too, 3 day weekend, 3 day week, then another 3 day weekend. Do the monkey baby!

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