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NBA 2K7 Screenshots (PS3)

Gameinfowire has posted some screenshots of NBA 2K7.
"Tilt control technology – all new control for realistic free-throw play mechanics using the playstation 3’s unique tilt control technology."

RACE Screenshots (PC)

Boomtown has posted some screenshots of RACE.
"Eidos will publish the game in the European, Middle East and Asia territories on November 24th 2006. RACE- The Official WTCC Game features all the events and official cars from the 2006 World Touring Car season."

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam Screenshots (DS)

Planet GameCube has posted some screenshots of Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam.

Major Nelson Update (360)

Major Nelson has posted the following:
  • FIFA 07 TV Trailer
    "The 'FIFA 07 TV - The Football Trailer' is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This free content is not available in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain or Switzerland."
  • NBA Live 07 Team Themes
    "The following 'NBA Live '07' NBA themes are now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Each theme is 150 points and available in all Xbox Live regions."

Question of the Day

Did you preorder a PS3?

Nope, but I'm sure I will when Toys R Us begins the process.

Other Stuff...
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 10/11/06 07:27 AM
QOTD - Nope

TRU already did their preorders earlier in the year.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 10/11/06 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer
QOTD - Nope

TRU already did their preorders earlier in the year.
Yeah for me!
# 3 MachoMyers @ 10/11/06 07:41 AM

No sir, 360 is great for me.
# 4 RockyTop1 @ 10/11/06 08:14 AM
QOTD: Thought about it strictly for reselling purposes, no need for a ps3 for me especially since the main guy from mvp is now working on the mlb 2k series.
# 5 cbgatorade0202 @ 10/11/06 08:37 AM
QOTD: Nope no pre order for me and no ps3 for me for awhile. If Blue Ray becomes the thing in DVDS for the future then i'd think about picking one up later on.
# 6 Pete1210 @ 10/11/06 08:40 AM
QOTD: No. I'm happy with the 360.
# 7 Rainey @ 10/11/06 09:56 AM
I've thought about purchasing some to just resell... I know it sounds evil, but I think I might buy it at a few places.
# 8 nyisles16 @ 10/11/06 10:26 AM
QOTD- nope.. one high costing next gen system is enough for me..

(though my buddy was able to for ebay purposes)
# 9 Dice @ 10/11/06 10:36 AM

Nope. I brought my PS2 on launch day and after a year I had issues. I heard about people who bought 360's the first two months and many of them had to send them back for repairs. So this tells me to never buy FIRST MODEL consoles. Let the manufactors sort out the bugs and wait for them to release a second model. So I'll get one around March when MLB 07 comes out.
# 10 dieselboy @ 10/11/06 12:25 PM
QOTD: No, I never buy systems on launch.
# 11 Beantown @ 10/11/06 01:03 PM

Nope...don't even know if I'm going to buy it at all.
# 12 ndeezlo @ 10/11/06 04:06 PM
i have never bought a system at launch, I can't imagine starting now.
# 13 Acid @ 10/11/06 05:00 PM
Nope, I don't want to spend roughly $700 on a system.

I thought about getting one just to sell it for $1000+, but I was at school during the preorders.

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