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We have just posted our GTR 2 FIA GT Racing Game review. Find out what Terry Crouch had to say about it.
"Back when I reviewed GTR FIA Racing a year ago for this site, I fell in love with the title. Racing game fans and game modders turned racing game developers (SimBin), published by a company (10tacle Studios) that allowed them to create a racing simulation that was as hardcore as it got was a recipe for success. However, as highly praised as the title was by most reviewers and hardcore racing enthusiasts as it was, it received legitimate complaints that it was a bit too hardcore for the average racing fan. For people who wanted to hop into a Ferrari 360 Modena or a Saleen S7 without knowing the intricacies of trail braking, GTR was an exercise in frustration. It wasn’t uncommon to hear of players spending a week or more simply trying to make a few successive laps around any given course (with all of the driving aids off) without spinning out or turning the car into a scrap heap. GTR2 is obviously a simulation that, while maintaining its excellent physics engine, brings the game back down to Earth a bit, allowing non-gearhead casual fans and hardcore racers alike to enjoy it equally."

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# 1 Darkleaf @ 10/11/06 05:30 PM
Great review of a great game just to add 1 thing, its cheap it was 29.99 CDN half the cost of most PC games.

It also comes with GTLegends but beware GTL has starforce GTR2 does not have starforce.

Two great games for the price of one.

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