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We have just posted our NBA '07 review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"For the last five years of recorded history, I have been screaming loudly from the front of the video game media line that video games as a medium need to embrace the arts. They need to treat themselves as an art form, not a toy or hobby. Video games are developed by artists and creative folks that rival what you see on a movie set in Hollywood, a television studio in Chicago, a stage in New York or a recording session in Nashville. Gaming should be an experience. Not a time-killer.

When we took a look at NBA 06 last year, we were certainly intrigued and cautiously optimistic about the direction of the game. The Life (Volume 1) brought the action, adventure, and an almost RPG logic to a sports title and rolled it out with overall solid cinematic presentation. With the release of NBA 07, we get a look at The Life, Volume 2. After a year of development now under their belts and a growing interest in the genre, as evidenced by games like NHL 2K7 and the expanded Superstar Mode in Madden, the team at SCEA is expected to take the next step. But, can The Life imitate art?"

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