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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Slips Out Early

360Monster has the scoop.
"We have had word from a number of members here at 360Monster about the UK high-street chain Woolworths, who has decided to release Pro Evolution Soccer 6 three days before its official release date this coming Friday.

In a bedlam breakthrough in cheekiness this has caused other high-street stores such as Gamestation to follow suit and also offer one of this years most wanted soccer titles on the Xbox 360 to the buying public before its official release date."

Fight Night Round 3 Screenshots (PS3)

Boomtown has posted some screenshots of Fight Night Round 3.
"Fight Night Round 3 on PlayStation 3 certainly looks to have benefited from the extra development time over the Xbox 360 version."

Football Manager 2007 Breaks Records (PC)

DarkZero has the scoop.
"Sega Europe and Sports Interactive has today announced that Football Manager 2007 has become the third fastest-selling PC title ever, following its release on PC/Mac on October 20th. Although this is a great milestone for the game the two titles ahead of it were both produced by Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2006, and one of the previous Championship Managers (from back in the day)...meaning that whilst it's sold over 91,000 copies to date, it hasn't surpassed two of its predecessors quite yet."

Hot Shots Golf 5 Preview (PS3)

PSX Extreme has posted their preview of Hot Shots Golf 5.
"And for those of you wondering if the same three-tap swing system is back: Yup. Fans of the series invariably favor that mechanic over other golf titles that utilize the analog for the swing, and besides, any significant change like that would alienate your loyal followers. Sony has understood that since the second installment, so they weren't about to alter one of the game's mainstays. We expect the same intricacies (pressure sensitivity, using the d-pad for fades and draws, etc.) to return as well."

Question of the Day

Do you like to trash talk when playing real sports or video games?

I don't mind it, but usually I don't say much, unless the other person starts it up. When I'm playing basketball, I rarely say anything, but if it starts to irritate me, I let my actions speak for themselves, lol. Although I will talk a little smack every now and then.

Other Stuff...
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 10/26/06 08:31 AM
That camp out guide was a great read.

QOTD - no, I don't.
# 2 aukevin @ 10/26/06 08:47 AM
Drew Bledsoe's blog
# 3 Pete1210 @ 10/26/06 09:10 AM
QOTD: No trash talk, just friendly chatter.
# 4 ndeezlo @ 10/26/06 09:36 AM
very rarely, although there is a bald-headed english guy in my indoor soccer league, that attempts to play a rougher version of soccer, as i do, but he dives constantly, and he hears about it from me.
# 5 TJdaSportsGuy @ 10/26/06 10:40 AM

I don't like to trash talk...I'm more of the silent assasin type.
# 6 luv_mist @ 10/26/06 11:06 AM
I talk trash only if a dude starts it with me. I then start getting them frustrated the whole game by asking them dumb questions and things like that. I'm a horrible type when I'm provoked. I usually do it in a moral and respectful way. Just become irritating. By the way, that Bledsoe blog joint is a good one. Funny stuff.
# 7 Acid @ 10/26/06 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by TJdaSportsGuy

I don't like to trash talk...I'm more of the silent assasin type.
You're the silent idiot type.

It's assassin.
# 8 Beantown @ 10/26/06 04:37 PM
QOTD: Nope...not really. At least, not in sports games.

And the camp-out guide was a great read.

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