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Ridge Racer 7 Details (PS3)

Eurogamer has posted some more details about Ridge Racer 7.
"The game's producer also reportedly said he was very chuffed with the technical side of the game, and reckons that its support for 1080p at 60 frames-per-second and 5.1 surround sound can't be matched on other formats. But, you know, don't get too upset about that. There are more important things in the world."

Wii Sports Impressions (Wii)

Planet GameCube has posted some impressions of Wii Sports, including the box art.
"Baseball functions as a home run derby. Players pitch and bat, but do not control basemen. If a ball is caught from a line drive even after touching the ground, the player is still out. After a few swings, it becomes evident that timing is the most important element since up and down position of the bat can be judged more easily by the eyes. Players can choose to bat however well or bad they wish, and their motions will be copied relatively faithfully onto the screen. Lack of swinging will produce a bunt. Pitching is nearly as intuitive, allowing for fast balls and curve balls depending on the flick of a wrist, though it is not performed in real time like batting."

Play NHL 94 with Updated Rosters

That's right, you can play NHL 94 with updated rosters, check it out here.
"Check out Swos & Mahavishnu NHL94 Update for the 2006-2007 season. They have released it publically today, using the new 30 team ROM for Genesis."

Question of the Day

How did your team(s) do over the weekend?

How bout dem' Cowboys! A HUGE 35-14 win over the Panthers as Tony Romo gets his first start as an NFL quarterback. After an early interception, he played an outstanding game. It's amazing how much better the O-line can look with a mobile QB back there, or at least one that can step up or sidestep the pass rush. What a great way to start off the 3 game road trip! Happy to see the Eagles lose, unfortunately the Giants keep winning. I started Romo in 2 of my 3 fantasy leagues, but I might be going 0-3, depending on what happens tonight.

Other Stuff...
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
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Member Comments
# 1 MachoMyers @ 10/30/06 08:17 AM
For the second week in a row the Wazzu Cougs (3rd in the Pac 10) and the Green Bay Packers won.
# 2 pb4201 @ 10/30/06 08:18 AM
Weekend was great.

Ravens won and actually have discovered an offense with Billick calling the plays.

Indiana beat MSU and if they win their next game they are going to a Bowl!

Plus, got plenty of XBOX time in!
# 3 Boltman @ 10/30/06 08:38 AM
QOTD - My Bolts killed the hated Rams 38 - 24, WOOOOOO!!!!

Drank like a madman with my mates. Good times, good times.

# 4 ExtremeGamer @ 10/30/06 08:38 AM
QTOD - shamelss plug, I blogged about my sports weekend.

Quick answer, it was fantastic!
# 5 cbgatorade0202 @ 10/30/06 08:55 AM
QOTD: My teams did great this weekend. The Gators picked everything back up and Barely held of the Dawgs...Great stuff especially being there. The Jaguars D finally came out and played real strong and they pulled out a win against the Eagles.

Even Kurt Busch came in the top 15..Great stuff
# 6 nyisles16 @ 10/30/06 09:31 AM
QOTD: Raiders D beat the Steelers!!

also, seeing the Jets get ripped off by a bad, bad call late in the game... priceless!
# 7 aukevin @ 10/30/06 09:50 AM
QOTD: Auburn won and moved up a spot in the polls, so that's real good. NFL-wise, the Titans and the Falcons won, so that's good. Too bad the Bucs and Saints lost though.
# 8 Beantown @ 10/30/06 09:55 AM

Texas gave me a scare but still won, and the Pats don't play until tonight. Should, hopefully, be a good game this evening.

I, too, started Romo in one of my leagues and have a chance at winning depending on how my 11 Pats players( ) perform tonight.
# 9 windseer90 @ 10/30/06 03:25 PM

The Rams lost to San Diego, which isn't good. Atleast they're still tied for 1st in the terrible division.
# 10 LiquidCrash @ 10/30/06 08:57 PM
It just gets worse every weekend for my teams, the Heels and Buffs both lost on Saturday, the Panthers were garbage on Sunday. Thank god basketball starts soon.

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