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We have just posted our FIFA 07 review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"Soccer is the only sport that I can honestly say video games played a large part in making me a fan. I did play some soccer as a kid, but never grabbed onto the sport like I did with the four "majors". It has actually taken video games and, really, video game communities to introduce me more and more to the real world of soccer. The more I play the games, at least the good ones, the more I find myself drawn to finding matches on TV.

I was a big fan of EA Sports' last soccer effort – 2006 FIFA World Cup. I actually found myself watching more hours of soccer on TV during this year’s World Cup then every other year of my life combined. Getting more involved in the game and its players really had me looking forward to getting a hold of FIFA 07. I was ready for another look at EA’s soccer efforts, with the pomp and circumstance of the World Cup stripped away. Could it still not only hold my interest, but also further stoke the flame?"

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