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We have just posted our World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions 2007 Edition review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"With the avalanche of new poker titles hitting the gaming market every quarter, itís never been more important for developers to go above and beyond to differentiate their title from the pack. After all, poker, the game, really canít be changed. Sure there are a ton of variations (Texas Hold ĎEm, Omaha, High/Low), but the rules are the rules. Not much room for play in the core of the game.

World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions 2007 Edition hits the market with a few things going for it right out of the box. The most obvious is that is using the World Series of Poker name that has become synonymous with the new poker boom. You canít turn on the TV during the year and not find clips from the World Series of Poker airing at all hours of the night. The annual Main Event has become a media circus and a worldwide phenomenon. Having the rights to the World Series name instantly adds familiarity and credibility to the title."

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# 1 jpup @ 11/10/06 08:30 AM
thanks for the review Clay. I might pick this up after all.

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