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  • Tiger is Better Than Ever
    "In video games as well as real life, Tiger Woods is the biggest name in golf. This year, Tiger's game on Xbox 360ô is expanded and improved, and it's a great title for golf fans of all ages and skill levels.

    With "Easy play"turned on, along with certain swing aids, a young child can have both fun and success while playing.

    But crank the game up to the "Tour Pro" difficulty level, and the serene golf courses in Tiger Woods PGA TOURģ 07 can become ravenous, snarling monsters that won't be easily tamed."
  • FIFA Soccer 07: Have a Ball
    "Sure, FIFA Soccer 07 is already the third FIFA title released for Xbox 360ô, but it's the first one with an actual soccer ball inside the game. Let me explain.

    In previous iterations of FIFA Soccer, the ball would go from player to player, and in a way it became part of them, integrated with their own animations and reactions. In FIFA Soccer 07, the ball is its own entity, with completely unique physics, and it reacts with the players accordingly. It'll bounce off a player's chest, head, legs, and even the goalposts realistically, and when we see it in action, it looks amazing. The end result is a fluid, startlingly realistic and unpredictable representation of "the beautiful game."

Tecmo Super Bowl NFL Week 10 Simulation

The Ex-'Burgher has posted week 10 of his Tecmo Super Bowl NFL Week 10 simulation.
"So, um, hereís the deal. The notebook where I write down the play-by-play of the games as I sim them? Yeah, I, um, misplaced it. Seriously.

But no matter. Rather than going through and replaying all the games (because itís already 11 p.m. on Thursday and **** that noise), Iím going to write about the ones I havenít pre-written (a whole three! Feel it!) as I remember them and, barring that, Iím just going to make stuff up and weíll both be surprised at what the game results are. If it sucks, email me and tell me how horrible I am, but it will be normal next week."

Madden NFL 07 Week 10 Simulation

ESPN Videogames has posted week 10 of their Madden NFL 07 Week 10 simulation.
"This battle between the teams with the two best records in the NFC did not disappoint, as the Giants racked up their sixth straight win in an epic overtime slugfest with the Bears. Jay Feely hit his fourth field goal of the contest -- and his second field goal over 50 yards -- by connecting from 52 yards away on New York's first overtime possession to get the winning points, after Chicago mounted a late drive to set up a Robbie Gould field goal to tie the game at the end of regulation. The Bears had a third down on the Giants' one-yard-line with four seconds left and kicked the field goal to send it to overtime rather than go for the win."

Wii Sports Impressions (Wii)

Kotaku has posted their impressions of Wii Sports.
"When I got the Wii yesterday, the last thing I wanted to do was play Wii Sports. I wanted to dig into the interface, check out pictures, the online service, Excite Truck and of course, most importantly The Legend of Zelda.

But once I worked my way into all of that stuff, I figured I better check out Nintendo's freebie gamepack and I'm happy I did. I forgot how fun some of these games are.

Wii Sports includes five different games, some of which are addictive, others not so much."

Tony Hawk's Project 8 PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Comparison

GameTrailers have posted a movie clip comparing the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Tony Hawk's Project 8.
"See for yourself the graphical differences between the two next-gen consoles."

18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' Patch (PC)

3D Gamers have posted a patch for 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin'.
"ValuSoft has issued the first patch for 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' to accelerate the retail edition of the recent 3D trucking simulation sequel by SCS Software to version 1.06. This upgrade includes gameplay tweaks, plenty of bug fixes, and some other changes as outlined in the accompanying release notes."

TrackMania United Website Launches (PC)

Check out the official TrackMania United website.
"TrackMania United is to be released this year only in France, Australia, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland (French parts). For all other territories, it will be released in February/March 2007.
As we do not want to let the community and all gamefans behind, we have decided to sell 10,000 copies online (maximum). You can already buy and preload TrackMania United. You will receive your activation key by mail on November 16th midnight!"

Excite Truck Impressions (Wii)

Planet GameCube has posted their impressions of Excite Truck.
"The steering controls are a bit tricky at first, but after less than an hour of playing, I'm already feeling more comfortable with them. Don't worry about the remote being over-sensitive Ė you're more likely to have the opposite problem. There are times when my remote is turned completely vertical, trying to steer as hard as I can. It's not uncomfortable, but I was at first worried that this movement would be required too often. It turns out that steering is heavily dependent on the vehicle you choose, as well as the terrain under your tires. If you drive well and stay on the paths, extreme steering won't be necessary."

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