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Wii Sports Movie Clip (Wii)

Engadget has posted a gameplay movie clip from Wii Sports.
"Maybe you've been itching for some video of Wii gameplay? Watch as Veronica and I make total fools of ourselves playing Wii Sports (Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Boxing, Golf); we generally tried to stay out of the way of the camera, but weren't always successful."

Wii Sports Movie Clips (Wii)

GameTrailers have posted a bunch of Wii Sports movie clips.

Question of the Day

How did your team(s) do over the weekend?

Well, the Cowboys took care of business beating up on the Cardinals. Quite a few upsets yesterday, I was happy to see some NFC teams lose, that's for sure.

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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 11/13/06 08:17 AM
QOTD - Browns and Buckeyes both won.

MONSTER weekend upcoming... THE game and the Steelers visit the Browns.

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# 2 MachoMyers @ 11/13/06 08:17 AM
Wazzu got killed by Ariz St. but Green Bay pulled it out in the Metrodome.
# 3 The GIGGAS @ 11/13/06 08:42 AM
You are a Ferrari 360 Modena!

Jaguars suck, that is all.
# 4 cbgatorade0202 @ 11/13/06 09:18 AM

Gators got freakin lucky to win the game but dang a win is a win. The Jaguars well...Lets just Get Byron Leftwich back in the game..No way around it without Leftwich the Jaguars are not the same team. Why do the Texans always beats us tho lol.
# 5 Beantown @ 11/13/06 09:49 AM


Pats and Longhorns both sucked. Celtics suck as well. Just a bad weekend for sports.
# 6 23 @ 11/13/06 10:24 AM
Porshe 911

oh and what team =)
# 7 James1333 @ 11/13/06 12:32 PM
Averett (D-III Football) won last game, but no playoffs
Wingate (D-II Football) ditto, no playoffs
N.Y. Giants-loss
Well at least Colorado won
# 8 luv_mist @ 11/13/06 01:30 PM
Bears did pretty decent. Hated how they started off the quarter at first because it looked like they didn't even come to play. They did step up the second half and looked pretty good on the real. Hopefully they continue to come prepared to their games mentally as well as physically. Bulls won too. They play tomorrow. Oh and I'm a

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