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We have just posted our Need For Speed Carbon review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"It’s become both a blessing and a curse to be handed the title “The Madden of …” in today’s gaming world. In fact, it’s almost used like “aloha” in gaming circles. Just like aloha can mean hello and goodbye, getting the “Madden” moniker can be both good and bad. The Need For Speed series is definitely deserving of the title “The Madden of Racing Games”. Who can argue?

There have been over a dozen releases of the game (this is number fourteen to be exact). They tend to release yearly. They are classically tagged as more arcade-oriented than "sim". They are often accused of being upgrades instead of brand new titles. And, most importantly to EA, they sell a boat-load of copies and make a ton of money.

Like this year’s Madden release, Need For Speed Carbon would be the second release of the series on the Xbox 360, giving it a full year of development with the 360 hardware. They would not get all of the same free passes that a launch title gets. This game will be held to a higher standard than last year’s release: Need For Speed Most Wanted."

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