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Diamond Bar, CA - Nov 20, 2006 Ultimate Baseball Online 2006, the world’s only massively multiplayer online sports game (MMOSG) for baseball, joins the popular trend toward personalized information and social networking with a new capability, “MyUBO”, which is launching today.

MyUBO is designed to give personalized information to each player upon game entry in order to keep them informed and educated about the possibilities of event participation and community networking.

The informational hub is dedicated to keeping each UBO gamer up to date on all things UBO that pertain to his or her characters. MyUBO includes:
  • MyEvents, which highlights events including team activities and tournament schedules that are either available to or assigned to each character):
  • MyCharacters, which displays the game statistics for each player’s characters, and the Experience Points each character needs to "level up"; and
  • MyNews, which displays UBO-wide news updates as well as personalized messages dedicated solely to the individual character.

"MyUBO gives each player the opportunity to get a personal, daily update on UBO quickly before logging into the game," CEO Andy Wang. “It’s all about them, no sifting through information about the many UBO events and news items that are not directly relevant to their characters. MyUBO is both personal and time-efficient, and is an exciting complement to the UBO Web site, which is jam-packed with information about all elements of the game. ”

Event Marketing Manager Sean Mackay said, “UBO player strongly identify with the characters that they have created and developed. MyUBO acknowledges the important of each character. They can also expect many more personalized features in MyUBO in the coming months."

About Ultimate Baseball Online 2006

Ultimate Baseball Online 2006 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online sports game. In UBO, baseball enthusiasts and gamers compete in 3D virtual stadiums. With stunning graphics and surround-sound audio reactions from the crowd, participants control customized characters for each position and compete together against other UBO gamers. Players use an avatar to bat, pitch, field, run, steal and perform any baseball action. Participants can practice, play pick-up games, join or found their own teams, compete against rival teams, play in specialized tournaments, and win league championships in post-season play. Gamers create their own characters and build their skill level (player stats) through successful play on the field against other real human players. Unlike current video games that aim to simulate professional sports, UBO delivers a first-person perspective of a character, created and developed by the player, interacting online in real-time with teammates and opponents.

Over the past three years, Ultimate Baseball Online have been played by people throughout the world. UBO has seen strong participation in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, England, Italy, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and many other countries.

Darrell Evans, a two-time Major League All-Star ('73 & '84) and World Series champion (1984), serves as UBO’s Baseball Ambassador. "Ultimate Baseball Online really does capture the feeling of being a member of a team,” said Evans. “Video games are usually a solitary experience. UBO gives players a great appreciation for the nuances of each position, as well as an understanding of the teamwork that is involved in playing the sport of baseball successfully. And best of all, as an online game with three virtual seasons per year, you can play competitive baseball year round.”

Website: http://www.ultimatebaseballonline.com

About Netamin

Netamin Communication Corporation, a pioneer in Massively Multiplayer Online Sports Games (MMOSG), is headquartered in Diamond Bar, California with development in Korea. The company is the developer and publisher of the free-to-play MMOSG, Ultimate Baseball Online 2006, and has subsequent titles planned in the team sports genre. Founded in 1998, Netamin is a privately held corporation aiming to provide an online virtual playing field for all major sports. For more information, please visit www.Netamin.com.

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