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College Hoops 2K7 Conference Call

Got-Next has posted a transcript of their conference call with Orlando Magic's JJ Redick and 2K Sports Manager, as they talk about College Hoops 2K7, among other things.
Got-Next: "Video games are very popular with pro athletes. Who's the best gamer on the Magic and who needs the most work?"
JJ Redick: "That's true about pro athletes. They're very, very competitive when it comes to video games. The games are just another way to compete. Everyone is aware of what they're rated in a game. We have an Xbox 360 on the plane and we get into heated battles of NBA 2K7 on the road. The best basketball gamers are Carlos Arroyo and Dwight Howard. When it comes to shooters, I like to think that I'm the best on the team, although James Augustine and Bo Outlaw are also good."

More Need for Speed: Carbon Content (360)

According to Major Nelson, the Marketplace has more new content for Need for Speed: Carbon.
"Shape your roofs, spoilers, and exhaust parts to your unique specifications unlocking this Autosculpting kit to use all the roof scoop, spoiler and exhaust Autosculpt parts. Many of the items in this bundle can be achieved without purchase by progressing through Career, Challenge Series and Reward Card. Visual upgrades apply only to cars in My Cars and can be used in Career."

Need for Speed: Carbon Q&A (360)

360Monster has posted a Q&A session with Mat Thomas and Kristian von Fersen, Producers on the Need For Speed team.
360Monster: "Most of the Xbox 360 gamers are really concerned about the fact that they have to pay for download content, which other versions (current gen) have already on the disc for free. are you trying to find out how much players are willing to pay for stuff like that? or do we have to pay the full price for incomplete EA-games on Xbox 360 in the future?"
NFS Team: "Downloadable content is a key element going forward for EA. For Need For Speed Carbon, we are providing two elements - we are providing new content in the form of vehicles and also the ability for the player to purchase the top end cars from the start so they can progress through the career faster. We are well aware that games are getting bigger and this year we made a decision to make sure our gameplay experience was tight and fun. Being able to download the high end vehicles off the bat allows the player who doesn't have 30 hours to commit to a game to experience the same top end fun that a dedicated Need For Speed fan will through gameplay. It is up to the player to decide what they want and the online element of Need For Speed Carbon simply offers the player more choice."

Gran Turismo HD Screenshots (PS3)

Eurogamer has posted some screenshots of Gran Turismo HD.
"Sony has released 29 new screenshots of PlayStation 3's Gran Turismo HD in action ahead of the game's release next month."

The Crazy Wii Sports 91 Pin Strike Glitch Easter Egg (Wii)

Kotaku has posted a movie clip of a possible glitch or easter egg in Wii Sports.
"Here's a quick how to get a 91 pin strike. It's on the second stage of bowling's training mode in the last lane players have to clear. Neat little trick!"

Question of the Day

Had any snow yet?

Not a flake.

Other Stuff...
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
ravnos (31), WaddupCouzin, ijgator (27), PdiddyPop (23), Beach Bum112885 (21), JB OnLiNe (20), Sabercatsfan (19)

Member Comments
# 1 TJdaSportsGuy @ 11/28/06 08:08 AM

Only a few small flakes here, but nothing that stuck.
# 2 WaddupCouzin @ 11/28/06 08:11 AM
Hey, you guys forgot my Birthday! Nov 28th representer!
# 3 J G 22 @ 11/28/06 08:15 AM
QOTD- No snow yet in KC yet, but Thursday maybe a inch.
# 4 Steve_OS @ 11/28/06 08:18 AM
Originally Posted by WaddupCouzin
Hey, you guys forgot my Birthday! Nov 28th representer!
LOL, I'll add it, but you have to go into your profile and make sure you change your birthday in there, that way we know. I'm not THAT good!
# 5 cbgatorade0202 @ 11/28/06 08:43 AM
QOTD: Never had snow where im at and I really doubt Its going to happen this year.
# 6 ExtremeGamer @ 11/28/06 08:47 AM
QOTD - we've had snow, two snow storms so far. None right now, more is coming this weekend though.
# 7 nyisles16 @ 11/28/06 09:43 AM
QOTD... thankfully nothing here in NY..
# 8 Shaver @ 11/28/06 10:53 AM
We had a little snow last week... but it's been 50's almost 60 this week.
# 9 Beantown @ 11/28/06 11:21 AM
Nothing at all. It's sad.
# 10 dagger55 @ 11/28/06 11:32 AM
lets see the high today is 71... so no
# 11 MachoMyers @ 11/28/06 11:45 AM
Actually a little yesterday. Its crazy here though, hardly any snow for northern Maine is unheard of.
# 12 LHT69 @ 11/28/06 11:47 AM
Man I wish we had snow in Hawaii. I would have to go up to Haleakala (an old volcano) or Mauna Kea or Mauna Loa to see snow now. Anyway I guess we can't complain. We can walk around in shorts and T-shirts all year long.

# 13 pennstlbu @ 11/28/06 03:28 PM
QOTD: Had the first snowstorm late last week, and more snow last night. Possibly more to come this week, plus some arctic cold air tomorrow thru Friday (highs between 5-15 and lows below zero). BUUURRRR! Wait I'm from Montana. It should be nothing!
# 14 Acid @ 11/28/06 03:31 PM
Snow? No way. It did rain yesterday though.

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