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Can't find any news this morning!

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How did your team(s) do over the weekend?

I'm embarrassed. The Boys were totally outplayed, outhustled, outcoached. The Saints came into Dallas and layed down a big time *** whippin'. I'm shocked, really. I thought it would be high scoring and close, this one was over early in the 3rd quarter.

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# 1 Behindshadows @ 12/11/06 10:55 AM
QOTD - The Boys are a disgrace and I'm still pissed at them, that they let N.O. whoop their azzes like that...

on a good note... My Lakers spanked them Spurs azzes, after a huge run in the 3rd Quarter, Kobe played well on his hurt ankle and Lamar Odom was incredible on Defense and offense,
# 2 Shaver @ 12/11/06 11:00 AM
No News!?!?! There was a really good article that ran on Friday that was news worthy.

This weekend???

Lions SUCK

Wings are clicking

Pistons are still the best in the East (for whatever that's worth)

Grand Valley State going back to the D2 Championship game

Lions still SUCK

Inge gets 4 more years with the Tigers

Not a bad weekend...
# 3 racerx @ 12/11/06 11:04 AM
Bills destroy the Jets, love it.
Kentucky beats Indiana!!!!!!

I might never drink a coke again after reading that blur!!!!!!LOL
# 4 J G 22 @ 12/11/06 11:10 AM
The Cheifs might be out the playoffs, the Nuggets lost, and tha Boys lost too. This was a bad sports weekend for me. Cant wait for next weekend.
# 5 MachoMyers @ 12/11/06 11:17 AM
Green Bay pulled one off, yippie doo da day.

Gonzaga lost to Washington St. How did that happen again?
# 6 rock85 @ 12/11/06 11:41 AM
Hey Steve don't look now but my Giants are coming.On a side note my oldest son is a Cowboy fan and it gets pretty nasty at the house on Sundays,and man was i loving it last night
# 7 tehova @ 12/11/06 12:06 PM
Jacksonville throttled Indy
MJD rookie of the year?
# 8 Beantown @ 12/11/06 12:42 PM
Patriots suck.

Red Sox aren't going to sign Mats.

Not very good.
# 9 Pete1210 @ 12/11/06 01:09 PM
Jets loss hurt. I'm hoping one of my NY NFL teams sneaks in the playoffs, though they won't go far.
Eddy Curry is adding some excitement to the NY Knicks, he's scored 20+ the last 9 games.
# 10 pennstlbu @ 12/11/06 01:41 PM
QOTD: Terrible. First the Griz got outplayed and manhandled at home against UMass in the I-AA playoffs on Friday. Then the Seahawks inexplicibly lose to the Cards on Sunday. But at least the Griz bball team picked up two wins this weekend.
# 11 Husker_OS @ 12/11/06 02:07 PM
QOTD: Well Tampa managed 6 points against Atlanta and are now 3-10 with a trip to CHI to play the Bears coming up. I wonder who we'll draft with our top 3 pick?
# 12 Acid @ 12/11/06 05:27 PM
Seahawks lost to the Cardinals.
UCLA beat Texas A&M to remain undefeated.

Could've been better.
# 13 TheGamingChef @ 12/11/06 07:02 PM
QOTD: So-so. My Vikings dismantled the Lions to stay in the playoff hunt, but my Cyclones were destroyed by the Hawkeyes in bball. Not our year there.

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