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Gripshift Details (PS3)

Eurogamer has posted some Gripshift details.
"Instead, it mixed in elements of puzzling and collection, having you scour levels for icons in order to build up a high-score - and had more in common with something like Mercury Meltdown as a result. The PS3 version will reportedly feature 125 new and remixed levels set across 25 tracks, along with improved handling and four-player online modes. It's also set to run at 60fps in 720p resolution."

Question of the Day

How did your team(s) do over the weekend?

Well, the Cowboys took care of business and are still alive for the #2 seed. The Pistons won at New Jersey and vs. the Sonics, both games w/o Sheed. Max has stepped in and actually hit a huge shot late last night. All in all, a good sports weekend for my teams.

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# 1 MachoMyers @ 12/18/06 09:51 AM

Green Bay won while Favre set the all time mark for completions, good day.
# 2 Syphon2399 @ 12/18/06 10:30 AM

The Bears eeked out a win against the Bucs, while the Hawks got blown out by state rival Drake.
# 3 Sandman42 @ 12/18/06 11:06 AM
Jets beat the Vikings. Pennington threw for a career high in yardage and the defense shut down the Vikings offense.

The Knicks...ummm...yea... hopefully this leads to Isiah getting fired.

The Yankees are also set to sign Kei Igawa and might make a trade for Mike Gonzalez.
# 4 Beantown @ 12/18/06 11:23 AM
Pats won big. C's won their fifth straight. Sox signed Dice-K.

Good weekend.
# 5 luv_mist @ 12/18/06 02:40 PM
Bulls won in OT which was great. It's after a game too which was a hard one I heard. Their chemistry is great but they are getting a little conflict on the front lines from Brown. Hopefully we can do something with him and probably pick up someone who won't moan about playing time. Wizards beat the Lakers in a nice little joint. I didn't stay to finish watching that one. I also watched that Bears game that really irritated me. Should have taken it when they had that big lead. Kind of glad that I didn't watch the 2nd half because I would have seriously got mad pissed at them. Amare is still playing good too. It was a pretty great weekend.
# 6 pennstlbu @ 12/18/06 02:55 PM
The Griz didn't have a game this weekend. The 'Hawks lost to the Niners on Thursday. Second bad weekend in a row.

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