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Rafa Nadal Tennis Trailer (DS)

Fragland has posted a trailer from Rafa Nadal Tennis.
"Codemasters have released a promotional trailer for their upcoming tennis game for the DS, Rafa Nadal Tennis."

GameTrailers Movie Clips (PS3, 360)

GameTrailers have posted movie clips from the following games:

Freakout Extreme Freeride Website Launches (PS2)

Check it out here at JoWood.

Question of the Day

Are you a handyman or do you call on others to do the work?

I wouldn't call myself a handyman by any stretch, but lately I've sort of enjoyed fixing up some things around the house. I think a little part of my dad is rubbing off on me.

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 12/20/06 07:53 AM
QOTD- I am pretty good around the house. I re-roofed my garage and remodeled my bathroom. I've added tile to the entrance ways as well.
# 2 orton1227 @ 12/20/06 08:04 AM
QOTD - I'm getting a lot better. This year I installed a ceiling fan, a garbage disposal, a kitchen sink, built and installed a cabinet, put together tons of baby furniture and accessories, and rebuilt a bathroom faucet.

The only problem I had was on the bathroom faucet. I forgot the cardinal rule in plumbing: Always turn off the water first. Needless to say, I had a wet/dry vac out for a while. Such a rush when you're planning on a quick washer replacement, and suddenly water's hitting the ceiling.
# 3 aukevin @ 12/20/06 08:20 AM
Pretty disappointing stuff in Steve's news stuff about the Wii games.
# 4 Pete1210 @ 12/20/06 08:47 AM
QOTD: For big jobs, like when we redid our bathroom, I need to call someone in. I am handy with smaller jobs like replacing/repairing some plumbing and electric fixtures, painting and yardwork. Last sink clog was tough behind the wall and I nearly called someone in, but a snake and some drain cleaner did the trick.
# 5 ofdman @ 12/20/06 10:29 AM
QOTD: LOL! No way. Not this guy. I havent done any handy work, since, well...ever

Actually, I did build a darkroom about 12 years ago that was pretty involved and did a great job of it. Wouldnt ever want to do that again though. Of course since I shoot digital now there really wouldnt be a need to.
# 6 rock85 @ 12/20/06 11:49 AM
Yes i'm very handy.Can do pretty much everything around the house, and was dam good in sports too.Come to think of it what a complete package my wife got
# 7 LiquidCrash @ 12/20/06 01:05 PM
Seeing how I'm renting all the places I've been in recently, I don't do too much work around the house. Back in our old house I did quite a bit of work to it finishing the basement.
# 8 e0820 @ 12/20/06 01:41 PM
QOTD - I am not very handy around the house, can do basic things like painting or putting stuff together but as far as getting a leak to stop or putting down flooring/tile I dont think I would do a good job at that.
# 9 pennstlbu @ 12/20/06 01:57 PM
QOTD: Handyman? No way. I can't fix anything. I might as well call my girlfriend up. She'll fix it before I ever will.

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