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MotorStorm Impressions (PS3)

Kotaku has posted some more impressions of MotorStorm.
"The courses are truly open, which means each race has a lot of different options for how you complete it. You can stay low in the mud, try jumping across huge drops, drift along side a precarious drop. It's this openness that really makes Motorstorm most fun, that and the heft of the vehicles. They all truly have a unique feel to them. The motorcycles can zip around corners, big rigs wallow through the mud and slowly crank through a turn, stock cars tend to bounce themselves to pieces."

Gran Turismo HD Concept Hands On Preview (PS3)

PSX Extreme has posted their hands on preview of Gran Turismo HD Concept.
"Now, moving on to that vaunted new physics engine, it too was there for the sampling. It still feels very much like GT, but the enhancements are relatively obvious right off the bat. The skidding and sliding isn't quite as exaggerated (racing tires will bite better), the cars respond in a more realistic fashion to impediments (sand, grass, walls, etc.) and the overall stability of the cars feels much better. In GT 4, Polyphony all but repaired the "running on rails" issue we could abuse in GT 3, but it's even better here. More then ever before, despite the fact that this is indeed a demo, it feels like you're really driving. You can even fiddle with the tires, traction, and stabilizing controls in the tuning menu before each trial."

MotorStorm Website Launches (PS3)

The official MotorStorm website has opened its virtual doors.

GameTrailers Movie Clips (PS3, 360, PS2)

GameTrailers have posted movie clips from the following games:

Question of the Day

It's Friday! Already? w00t! Whatcha up to this New Year's weekend?

How about, a whole lot of nothin'? Well, I really need to clean up the basement and spare bedroom. Other than that, hope the Boys don't embarrass themselves and lose to the Lions.

Other Stuff...
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 12/29/06 08:34 AM
QOTD - Just relaxing, going over the Aunt's/Uncle's house for a quiet New Year's party.
# 2 nyisles16 @ 12/29/06 10:03 AM
QOTD... going to the Jets/Raiders game....( win, Raiders), then onto my sister's to watch the ball drop.. also a 4-day weekend for me
# 3 Pete1210 @ 12/29/06 12:47 PM
QOTD: After last weekend, I need to try and relax a bit. Sometime this weekend I want to go with the family to see "Pursuit of Happyness." Other than that watch some football, play some video games. Sunday night stay at home. My daughter 10, wants to try and stay up to see the ball drop this year.
# 4 pennstlbu @ 12/29/06 02:58 PM
QOTD: Driving out to Seattle/Tacoma tomorrow for New Year's. Partying it up with a few buddies from college, reliving the crazy times.
# 5 MachoMyers @ 12/29/06 05:51 PM
I'll finally be back in Toronto, probably just drink my face off at home, I've gone enough places this past week.

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