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We have just posted our Hard Rock Casino review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"I recently had one of those nights that we all have from time to time. Sleep, as appealing as it was, was not apparently an option. I tried counting sheep, warm milk and every other old wives' tale, but eventually just had to concede defeat, crawl out of bed and find some way to entertain myself at “stupid o’clock” in the morning. Flipping through my 120+ channels I noticed something that I hadn’t picked out before - poker. No, it wasn’t the first time I had noticed poker before, but it was the first time I noticed how much poker was on TV. At least a half a dozen different channels were showing some type of poker event, while a seventh was actually showing tournament blackjack. During each commercial break, on each channel, I saw advertisement after advertisement for dozens of different online sites to feed your poker jones. We’re literally surrounded by gambling. And I’m not even counting Sportcenter, Fox Sports Net and every other sports channel that was talking about Sunday’s matchups, making sure to clearly state the latest line and complete injury report."

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