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NBA Live 08 Wishlist (Multi)

Our friends, over at the NBA Live Series Center, are forming their NBA Live 08 Wishlist.
"Please note that due to copyright laws and rules set forth by the NBA, there are some things that EA Sports cannot include such as unsportsmanlike technicals, fights and certain legendary players. As a result, requests to add fights are not included in the Wishlist; requests regarding legendary players are included but are dependent on the feasibility of acquiring their likeness rights, thus EA Sports are not always able to grant such wishes.

As usual wishes will be sorted by category headed by a list of the top 10-15 wishes to emphasise their importance."

Kotaku Update (Multi)

Kotaku has posted the following:
  • MotorStorm Hands On Preview (PS3)
    "The demo course was very distinct from what I've played before, but took some getting used to. Sadly, my skills let me down, throwing me from a solid third place in my first race all the way down to fifteenth. There were a few moments where the course seemed to get in my way, as certain portions of the track that looked like ramps... weren't. Oops."
  • The Most Unnecessary Driving Chair Ever
    "CES is loaded with tired executives looking to kill time between supplier lunch meetings and distributor meet-and-greets, meaning they'll do just about anything a six foot tall blonde with a headset tells them. Like, sit in a full-sized Formula One car and play simulation racing games in front of dozens of people. (You might not believe this, but there are only so many 1080p LCD televisions you can look at before you get bored.)"

Other Stuff...

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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What's Up?

How bout' them Gators!?!?!?! Man, what a thorough beat down on previous #1 Ohio St. huh? After the opening kickoff, I expected to see an OSU rout, but the Gators man'd up and shut down Smith and the entire offense. Would Ginn have made much of a difference? Somehow, I doubt it. So the Gators win in basketball and football, they must still be partying down in Gainesville.

Man, how addicting are those Brain Age games for the DS? I can't stop playing them. So simple, yet so time consuming, lol. I might have to get my own DS, since my daughter hogs it up all the time.

I worked out last night, for the first time in about three months. Surprisingly, I'm not really that sore. It feels good to get back into it.

Enough about me, what's up with you?

Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 01/09/07 07:02 AM
What's up?

Rough game last night, I've never seen a team more over confident and that believed their own hype more than Ohio State did. I'm not saying anyting about the 51 days off as an excuse for the way we lost, but the 51 days allowed Ohio State's head to swell with thinking they had already won the game. If the 2 teams played the week after the Michigan game, I still think Florida wins but it's a closer game. Ohio State looked completely overmatched and were outplayed.

In the process, Troy Smith fell about 2 rounds in the draft, Drew Brees/Michael Vick you're not.

Oh well, congrats to Florida, played a great game, deserves the National Championship.

Now it's on to college basketball for the Buckeyes and getting baseball started so I can see what the Indians can do this year.
# 2 TJdaSportsGuy @ 01/09/07 07:14 AM
What's up?

Sorry EG, but watching OSU get their tails handed to them like that put a huge smile on my face. I agree with you, over confidence must've played a huge role in that game.

It also made me smile to see Chris Leak, a fellow Charlotte native, finally answer the bell and make all of his critics shut the hell up. The kid was one hell of a QB for 4 solid years, and I don't care what anyone says, he'll be a good QB in the NFL.

BTW - I actually got to call play by play on one of Chris Leak's State Championship football games -his junior year. His Independence squad ran right through Michael Jordan's alma mater, Laney HS, at Kenan Stadium on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill, and the radio station I was with at the time sent me and another guy there to call it.

And those that know him say he hasn't changed his attitude one bit from that time to now. What a great kid, and what a game he had last night!
# 3 SPTO @ 01/09/07 08:45 AM
Man i've never seen a Jim Tressel team look THAT bad and outplayed by the opposition. If anything that game has made it abundantly clear WE NEED A PLAYOFF.

I dunno I wish there was a way they could have Boise play UF. Oh well.
# 4 Gary Armida @ 01/09/07 09:52 AM
What's up? I guess I had the score close yesterday but wrong teams. I said 42-14 Ohio. Close enough, LOL. Florida looked real fast and Ohio looked mentally out of it. I am happy for a kid like Chris Leak. He took alot of crap over the years and he finally got his championship...Seems like a nice kid.

Anyway, just one day closer to spring training. I love football and basketball, but baseball is my thing. I can't wait. Other than that, I should be grading papers, but as usual, I am on here during my break.
# 5 plasticbeast @ 01/09/07 10:22 AM
What a game, I said yesterday I wanted to watch a close game. Well, I'll apologize to all OSU fans but I have to say in a very scary and sick way I really enjoyed watching Florida dominate OSU in almost every way. I don't really care for Florida but by the end of the game you would of thought they were my alma mater.... I think I was just tired of every one talking up OSU and not really hearing much about Florida the last 4 weeks. I was ready for the so-called "underdog" to crush the media hype surrounding OSU and Smith.
I don't think anyone could have ran with Florida last night, their defense was just smothering.
# 6 shaq @ 01/09/07 10:58 AM
I am not a huge college fan but i had to watch the game last night in HD. I enjoy any sporting event in HD. I really look forward to it. Anyways the Gators coach is from my hometown Ashtabula , Ohio. He went to school at rival St. Johns high school. He is much older than me so I seriously didn't know who he was till last nights game.

Anyways as i just fired up the xbox 360 i noticed there was an update...anyone know what it was for?

Also have you noticed when playing online in ranked matches you can't invite people on your friends list?

So me and my friend are trying to play a ranked match on raw vs smackdown last night and i can't invite him so we try to both log on to the ranked server to find a match already created so we can join together and we aren't seeing even the same matches online. I would have thought we would see everything the same..They do need a fix for that IMO.....

6 days to start my new job......can't wait....

Peace guys
# 7 bergie56 @ 01/09/07 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by shaq

Also have you noticed when playing online in ranked matches you can't invite people on your friends list?

Peace guys
That is intentional to prevent people from cheating the system to artificially enhance rankings.
# 8 Pete1210 @ 01/09/07 11:25 AM
I'm not that interested in College sports because of the lack of any big teams around here, especially football. But its a championship game so I watched through the first half.
Then I finally opened The Outfit which I had picked up for $10 back on Black Friday. It was a little better than I expected. Sort of an arcade style WW2 shooter, with vehicles and air strikes.
Today our new oven is being installed. I'm looking forward to seeing that when I get home.
Work is a drag. The thing thats getting me through is looking ahead to the 3 day weekend.
# 9 luv_mist @ 01/09/07 12:30 PM
I came home from work to a game of basketball. Not too interested in the college football joint since I never really watched them during the season. I'm more into college basketball. I saw the Bulls blow a gme they should have freaking won. Doesn't make any sense honestly. They were doing great against Tracy McGrady but they freaking shoot too much. Too many things wrong with what went wrong last night, and any other night that they play teams and lose. I'm cool though. Surprised that the football game turned out the way it did. Guess everyone didn't see that one coming, except for the fans.

I'm also happy that I set up a little bootleg 5.1 in my room. It was around 11:30 when I started setting up the little surround sound speakers. I must admit that it sounded pretty fantastic when I played 2K7. I'm going to holler at a couple of other games I gotta play. Amazing things on the real. I'll never play with two simple speakers again. Also, trying to do the school thing. Need to find some quick money in order to get into school. Classes start next week. Definitely working out tonight too.......

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