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If so, post them here. We have arranged an interview with him.

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# 1 TarHeelPhenom @ 01/10/07 05:38 PM

How much responsibility as the point guard goes into running Roy Williams system ?
# 2 psufan @ 01/10/07 05:44 PM
What has been the highlight in your basketball career?

Any good at sports other than basketball?
# 3 luv_mist @ 01/10/07 06:17 PM
What are the main things you are working on this season to improve your game from the college to the pros?

What deficiencies do you desire to improve for your game?

Next year, what goals do you have for yourself as opposed to previous years? Are you on track?
# 4 stvyfranchise44 @ 01/11/07 12:47 AM
Did you get a chance to go back to chapel hill and play in the pick up games over the summer everybody talks about? Is there any difference from when you played when you were in school?

Also, how good do you think this years team can be and how would you compare them to the team you were on the won the national championship
# 5 SoMiss2000 @ 01/11/07 01:01 AM
ask him how he's enjoying that new Mercedes that he just leased not to long ago.
# 6 cjonesfan921 @ 01/11/07 11:06 AM
How hard has it been to adjust to the pro game from the college level?

Did having May with you in Charlotte ease the transition to the NBA?
# 7 Steve_OS @ 01/11/07 11:11 AM
Good to go, thanks guys.
# 8 elprez98 @ 01/11/07 11:55 AM
Ask him does he play 2k, and if so does he think it is an accurate representation of him?
# 9 KBomber @ 01/11/07 01:04 PM
How much does it hurt to continually watch Adam Morrison running around out there, looking like a 70's porn star, while playing like a George Costanza-ish chucker with the worst player efficiency rating in the entire NBA?

Why lob softballs?

Have fun.......................
# 10 DC @ 01/11/07 03:10 PM
How much of Raymond Felton do you see in Tywon Lawson?
# 11 TreyFury97 @ 01/11/07 05:11 PM
Is the pro game as much fun as the college game? I know its fun to play a game for a living, but does constant travel and pressure to succeed take some of that joy away?


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