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Have any questions for the Producers of Major League Baseball 2K7? If so, post them here and we'll get the answers as soon as possible.

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# 1 Blitzburgh @ 01/13/07 04:17 PM
1). Are the outfielders arm strength toned down this year?
2). Will the jersey movement be toned down from the vids we have seen so far?
3). How many different camera angles are there in the game?
4). Online, can you pitch from the behind the pitchers view?
Thank you!
# 2 DaoudS @ 01/13/07 04:23 PM
wow i have been waiting for this opportunity forever! So I have a couple of questions that I hope will be answered:

1. The swing animations when no contact is made look incredible. However, from what I have noted in some of the gameplay videos around is that when contact is made, the hitter goes to a pre-set motion. To me, it looks as if there is no follow-through. Is it just the lack the animation I have seen with the limited amount of gameplay available to the public? Or is that how ever swing looks?

2. What new presentation features have been added? Anything particularly rewarding once a player has won a W.S.?

3. Are you guys looking into added a 'carrer mode' type of system in the future years, if it already isn't included in this one?

Thanks again for taking the question from me, as well as the rest of the people who are waiting anxiously for this game.

-Daoud S.
# 3 e0820 @ 01/13/07 05:02 PM
1. In the videos I notice wind ruffling the players jersey, will that happen all game continuously or will the wind die down and pick back up?

2. What type of crowd reaction can we expect?

3. Any different features between the PS3 version and the 360 version?

4. How many sliders will there be for cpu pitching? Will we see cpu pitchers throwing alot of pitches per inning?

Thanks for your time.
# 4 chainsaw4099 @ 01/13/07 05:08 PM
have you fixed new busch stadium taking out the halo around the pitchers mound?
# 5 Happy29 @ 01/13/07 05:14 PM
Will the rosters expand to 40 man after September 1st?
Will there be regular roster updates and will they be accurate?
# 6 Blitzburgh @ 01/13/07 05:15 PM
1). Will this game run at 60fps? If not, what is the reason it can't yet?
2). Online, wh the starter be able to be brought in as relievers?
3). On the throws from the outfield, I only seem to see one hoppers to the infielders. Is it difficult to make throws from the wall bounce a few times?
4). Against the cpu will the cpu use the cut off man appropriately on deep fly balls?
5). Is there any different commentary or excitement for the Playoffs & the World Series?
6). I was one of the lucky ones last year in which my game played fine on the 360. Then, after the mandatory update, the flash back replays no longer worked for me. Will that have any effect with this game?

Thanks again!
# 7 sheffG @ 01/13/07 05:18 PM
Couple of Questions (I apologize if people have already asked these...):
1. How is Roster Management set in MLB 2K7?
2. How will Create-A-Player be like in the game?
3. Whats up with the players with glasses!?!?!
4. Will the Pittsburgh Pirates even have a chance in the game (haha)?
5. What are some of the new features 2k7 has to offer?
# 8 Blitzburgh @ 01/13/07 05:20 PM
One more... Will there be a DEMO? If so when should we expect it? Thanks
# 9 TKEON230 @ 01/13/07 05:42 PM
Will there be stadium specific animations such as airplanes flying past Shea Stadium?
# 10 renojedi @ 01/13/07 06:01 PM
Will Create a Team or an Expansion Team Mode be in this season (and can they be used in franchise mode)?
# 11 hoopster @ 01/13/07 06:06 PM
Will there be more classic teams?
Will you have every player from the hall of fame since you do have the MLB License?
# 12 NYCNNJ @ 01/13/07 09:09 PM
Will all 3 minor league levels be included this year? Are you guys ever going to place actual names( besides Prospects ) to guys in the minors?
# 13 volsman @ 01/13/07 09:37 PM
Ok just a few some are already asked but need attention
1. Outfield throws in correlation to baserunner speed? Will we actually get doubles this year
2. Dominate pitchers in real do not translate well, will we be able to tell a difference between Santana and a double a pitcher
3. Computer walks I would like to see some.
4. Fantasy draft, if it does not have one I am not buying. "madden 360"
5. Player attribute editor how in depth?

# 14 DaveDQ @ 01/13/07 09:46 PM
NBA 2K7 on the 360 had horrific online league issues. Has that been addressed so that it won't repeat itself in MLB 2K7?

# 15 Eski33 @ 01/13/07 10:01 PM
Questions for MLB 2K7:

1) Alternate and classic jerseys?

2) Create-a-player with more options (sunglasses, spikes, sleeves)??

3) Classic teams and stadiums?

4) Will the pitching be similar to EA's MVP series?

5) Improved camera angles?

6) Rain and weather effects? Rain delays? Weather effects whether retractable roofs open close during gameplay?

7) Home Run animations (Train, Apple, Tiger Eyes) and ball collision detection with foul poles and environment?

8) Real-time out of town scoreboards?

9) Active stadium extras (fountains in KC, Detroit)

10) Manage mode with one-pitch game??

11) Base path, batters box deterioration as game goes on?

12) Record affects attendance?

13) Day-night double headers?
# 16 knich @ 01/14/07 12:19 AM
Will there be more foul balls?

Will pitch counts be realistic with longer counts in individual at bats?

Will CPU take more pitches instead of swinging at first strike?

Will bullpens be active like in MVP Baseball?

Will pitchers warming up tire if not sat down or brought in game?

Will pitchers' control, speeds and quality of pitches be affected by pitch count? (no more 95mph on the corner at pitch #100)

Will intentional walks count as 4 pitches?

Will you be able to edit CPU rosters and players during season?

Will you be able to see all teams schedules and results during season even if you do not control team?

Will attendance figures be realistic based on historical data (I mean actual bodies in seats)? Will there at least be fewer bodies in seats in e.g. Oakland v. Yanks stadium?

Will weather be realistic based on time of year in ballpark?
# 17 stolf1 @ 01/14/07 12:24 AM
1.) Will you be able to spawn information between the PS2 version of MLB 2K7 and and the PSP version of the game. In other words can you transfer information on franchise mode back and forth between the two.

2.) Will the PS2 version see the same changes in gameplay as the 360 and PS3 versions
# 18 ericjwm @ 01/14/07 01:15 AM
1) What kind of weather conditions are in 2K7 & how will they effect the gameplay? For example, will the rain vary from a drizzle to downpour, which causes a rain delay? Also, will the rain effect the fielders & the movement/bounce of the ball out on the field?

2) Are the star batters personalized swings & follow throughs (i.e. Jeters 2 handed follow through, A-Rod's 1 handed release, etc) part of the new signature animation package, or is it only batting rituals/practice swings?

# 19 Exceller1 @ 01/14/07 08:17 AM
1.)Will the Homerun Capacity, During Gameplay be toned down some from MLB2K6? . Will their be Cooperstown Legend's Again this year, And Will they At least Some real Major Leaque Player Names for Historic Team's ,If That will also make a return.Is their Better Baserunning Mechanic's?. Will Classic Batting&Pitching Button Mechanic's Again be implemented in this year's Game as well?.
# 20 RRsports3 @ 01/14/07 01:00 PM
1) will single season records, career records and team records be part of franchise and will the announcers make a big deal during a game if these records are broken

2.) Is the allstar game,futures all-star game and home run derby part franchise

3.) In franchise mode, will the draft take place in April like in real life, or is it still at the end of the season.

4.) Will you be able to edit players during franchise, (change there hair/facial hair, accessories, etc.)

5.) Will you have the ability to relocate your team to another city/state and/or build your team a new stadium(like in madden), if not is this something that you are considering for next year. (if not please strongly consider putting it in)

6.) In franchise mode, are batting and pitching coaches real life coaches or have you made them up. (example, is don mattingly a hitting coach for the yankees, etc.) And can you hire batting/pitching coaches as your head coach during a season (in-season change) or in between seasons?

7.) In franchise mode, will players who retire come back as coaches?

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