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We have just posted our interview with Raymond Felton, Point Guard for the Charlotte Bobcats.
Have you played March Madness 07 yet?

Yes. I played with Adam (Morrison) and Emeka (Okafor) before we did all these interviews today. EA brought the game over and we played on the 360. It was a lot of fun. The atmosphere is really cool. It felt like a real college game. Adam was playing as Gonzaga but I was up by 10 so I think I’m the best cover athlete at actually playing the game. Adam will say he is but he’s not.

What is you favorite feature in March Madness 07?

I’m a point guard and I like to run the team so I like the Floor General. I like to be in control of the offensive and defensive sets.

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# 1 Acid @ 01/15/07 11:30 PM
Felton plays FIFA?

He's my new favorite PG.
# 2 TJdaSportsGuy @ 01/16/07 07:41 AM
I told you he'd say Myrtle Beach was among his favorite vacation spots, Steve. The dude spends a LOT of time there in the offseason - maybe too much.

Great interview!
# 3 LiquidCrash @ 01/16/07 02:17 PM
Well he's from Latta, which isn't too far down the road from Myrtle.

Good interview Steve, Ray's one of my favorite Heels, and he's turning into a good PG in the NBA.

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