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Wii Sports Experiment, Results! (Wii)

Check out the details at WiiNintendo.
"Six weeks ago, I began what has become a huge obsession of mine. It is called the “Wii Sports Experiment” (Read my original announcement of this from Early December ‘06). I outlined a 6 week game plan for myself, the idea being that I would continue ALL normal activity and eating habits, and simply add 30 minutes of Wii Sports to my day. For the past month and a half, I’ve stuck to these guidelines very strictly.

For those of you unfamiliar with “Wii Sports”, you can watch a video review of the game and find out what it’s all about, here

I’ve been meticulously keeping track of the following for the past 6 weeks."

MotorStorm Online Chatter (PS3)

Eurogamer has the scoop.
"And we can expect that multiplayer element to offer voice comms, incidentally, "either using USB headsets or Bluetooth wireless sets. "Currently we have 12-player; recently we had 15 but we've had to cull this. We're still hoping for 16 but we can’t commit to that right now," Southern added."

Virtua Tennis 3 Players Announced (PS3, 360)

Fragland has the scoop.
"Sega made the names of the available tennis players in Virtua Tennis 3 public. Unfortunately, our own Justine "Ju-ju" Henin and Kim Clijsters are forgotten. A missed opportunity!"

Virtua Tennis 3 Screenshots (PS3, 360)

Playsyde and Xboxyde have both posted some more
"Sega just sent us these new images of Virtua Tennis 3, showing the training mode called Balloon Smash running on the 360."

Major Nelson Update (360)

Major Nelson has posted the following:

Other Stuff...

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

HMcCoy (36), AnybodyKilla (21)

What's Up?

How was your weekend? Mine was full of formatting my PC and reinstalling my OS and applications. FUN STUFF! Luckily, I didn't lose any data.

Pats/Colts and Saints/Bears coming up next weekend. Can't wait for both of those games, hopefully they'll both be as good as the games that just completed. I think I'll pull for Manning to win it all, so I don't really care who wins in the NFC game. I think it would be a more exciting game if the Saints win though.

We are finally ordering our kitchen cabinets later this afternoon, so hopefully we'll have them installed in about a month. Me, my bro and dad will be installing them, so that should be nothing short of a big pain in the ***.

Enough about me, what's up with you?

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 01/16/07 08:35 AM
What's up?!

Open the Wii yet?!

And that's amazing that the Wii is louder than the PS3 and 360!

Not much here, it's cold (20) and it's snowing. Snowing hard actually as I look out the window at work staring over I-271 in Cleveland. I can usually see the freeway, and right now I can't.... crazy.

We got our tickets for the Hot Stove Dinner that the Lake County Captains hold ever year. It's next Monday. That's the A ball team for the Cleveland Indians, they are middle A. They provide hot dogs, burgers, and pop/beer. Good time, silent auction, and players are there. Last year I had convo's with Kevin Kousmanoff, Jeremy Sowers amongst many others. Got pictures with them all as well, very cool, fun time. Can't wait for Monday!
# 2 cbgatorade0202 @ 01/16/07 08:41 AM
Whats up?

Well Its back to real work again b/c yesterday there were 3 of us in the Warehouse and Everyone else was off so a big bunch of nothing was going on. RAW Last night was once again Pretty boring and Im wondering why I keep watching it , Okay maybe not but geez.

Im pretty excited for the Games on Sunday, Great HD playoff football should be awesome and should have a great time. Im thinking about starting to sell some stuff on EBAY so that should be interesting and Hopefully it works out for me to make just a lil profit.

Steve , Anything on those dvds for S/H or such?
# 3 NYJets @ 01/16/07 09:45 AM
Whats up.

First day of classes today. ****. And it's finally starting to get cold around here, it's like 30 and windy and tomorrow is a high of 22.

Played basketball for the first time in about 8 months yesterday. I was rusty and didn't play well at all but my knee felt pretty good. It's pretty sore today though for the first time in forever.

Moved back into school yesterday. Break was nice, but I was ready to come back
# 4 nyisles16 @ 01/16/07 10:03 AM
Whats up?

it looks like my job is "safe" at the moment - most of the layoffs were in the corporate offices, so that is a relief.. though, now my next "worry" is that my landlords may be selling their house, so I might be "on the road again".. gee, my life is exciting! Looking forward to a Saints/Colts SB (after they win this week - gosh I HATE the Pats!!
# 5 Shaver @ 01/16/07 10:21 AM
That BK story link was pretty funny... but I had to stop reading after 2 or 3 pieces because all of the avatars of teenage boys flexing for the camera made me think I was on Dookie's BLOG.

We lost power for 14 hours yesterday. Pain in the ***, but I was at work most of that time. Biggest issue was that it knocked out my gym, so my workout was missed and I'm all flogged for the week now. Too busy to cram it in somewhere else. Guess, I'll write it off as a loss.

I know a lot of people hate the C-Webb to the Pistons add... but a lot of people hated the Sheed to the Pistons move too... and that worked out OK. I just hope they move Nazr or Dale Davis and not 'Dice'. That would be the wrong move.

My wife and I have begun serious discussions about moving out of state. I love Michigan... but it's dieing. The collapse of the BIG 3 is just killing the economy. We're blessed in that both of our jobs are not related to the auto industry, but it's killing the whole state. The housing market is crap. It's just getting painful. Go West, Young Man... Go West.
# 6 CaptainZombie @ 01/16/07 11:21 AM
What's Up?

My weekend was pretty good, it really helped to have MLK off from work as it made it a nice 3 day weekend. We spent all weekend at home since my daughter was in the hospital about 1.5 weeks ago with possible pheumonia but it turned out to be a form of asthma. It was playing with the kids and watching BD movies this weekend.

Today I'm going to pickup TCM:New Beginning on DVD. We liked the movie when we saw it in the theaters.

It started getting really cold here in Chicago and today were in the teens after a snowfall yesterday evening. Finally the winter weather is here.

I can't wait for football this coming weekend and I do hope that my Bears can pull off the win, but with Grossman being so inconsistant I fear that we might lose. I already can't wait for the weekend, LOL!
# 7 aukevin @ 01/16/07 12:20 PM
What's up?

My weekend was pretty fun. I didn't get to watch the games on Saturday because I went caving with some friends. My wife and I try to go caving once or twice a year with a married couple we've been friends with since we were all at Auburn. This was a nice, enjoyable cave, not too much work in it. We did break our camera in the cave this time. Luckily it still has a couple years left on the Best Buy warrranty!

Sunday I enjoyed being able to recover by watching football. I was glad the Bears won but bummed that the Pats did. I think the Bears/Saints game, two teams I like, will be a real good game. I'm looking forward to it the most.

I just got Need for Speed Carbon for the Wii, I'm looking forward to playing it tonight when I get home. I hope to get a game of College Hoops in as well on the 'ole XBox.
# 8 The GIGGAS @ 01/16/07 12:22 PM
What's Up?

I need a Wii, that's what's up!
# 9 Acid @ 01/16/07 02:41 PM
My weekend sucked because of the Seahawks losing. They had so many opportunities at the end of the game, but it just wasn't meant to be, I guess.

Tennis "tryouts" start tomorrow, I basically just have to show up and not break something and I'll be on the team. I'm gonna suck this year, because I haven't played since the summer and I really don't want to play with my back, but this year is probably gonna be the last time I play competitive tennis, so I figured I might as well play. We switched to a new league, and every team is really good, so we're going to have a ****ty season. My goal is basically to hit 5 people this year at the net, that's always fun.
# 10 nyisles16 @ 01/16/07 02:45 PM
UPDATE: came home from a training class today, & lo & behold, I see a For Sale sign on the lawn..... spoke to the landlady, she said that she told the sellers about me, & that the new owners should keep me....... i pray i stay

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