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If you have any questions for the Producers of Def Jam Icon, post them here. We'll get the answers back as soon as possible.

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# 1 luv_mist @ 01/16/07 06:11 PM
Will we be able to play our own personal music tracks to the game where the game will respond to the beat and rhythm of the personalized music?

How many wrestlers are in the game?

How many hours does this game have roughly?

What's the difference between this game and the previous ones fighting-wise? Story-wise?

What are the different modes that will be shipped with the game?
# 2 thesillyputty1 @ 01/16/07 06:30 PM
How is the create a fighter mode improved?

In story mode do you have to keep changing your image?

Can I get it for free?
# 3 yamabushi @ 01/18/07 12:36 PM
whos in the line-up?
Any non-rappers like 'fight for NY's Danny Trejo and Henry Rollins? or old-schoolers like Slick Rick, Eric Sermon?
# 4 Jano @ 01/20/07 12:08 PM
1.) Will the game still use the five different fighting styles or will it have some different type of system?

2.) Will there still be those random weapons in the environment like a block or is the game just going to be straight hand-to-hand fighting?

3.) My last question is will the fighters still have their blazin moves(finishing moves), if so will the selection for the created player still be as large as it was in ffny?
# 5 Hassan Darkside @ 01/20/07 09:48 PM
Is Nas in the game this year since he signed a contract with Def Jam?
# 6 TreyFury97 @ 01/23/07 07:07 PM
Is D-Mob in the game, and do other characters from the past(the guys in the first game, Angel, etc) return?

Will you actually be able to win matchups without grappling? Ex., even if you were a streetfighter, you'd have to grapple with your opponent to get some combos to connect.

# 7 Sully @ 01/24/07 08:56 AM
Thanks guys, we'll get these sent out, and have the answers posted as soon as we receive them.

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