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Vote a Concept Car in PGR4

360Monster has the scoop.
"Microsoft and Peugeot are giving you the chance to vote your favourite Peugeot concept car in a "future Xbox 360 game" (which we presume is PGR4). Right now, you can pick up to 10 of the 30 concepts which you want to see progress into the next round of voting. Of course, you probably don't just want to vote with no reward, so Peugeot are offering one lucky winner the chance to see their final choice, in full scale, at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September."

EA’s Predictions Sound About Right

5WG has posted an article entitled, EA’s Predictions Sound About Right.
"Regarding this weekend’s NFL conference championship games, that is.

ESPNvideogames.com used Madden NFL 07 to simulate the epic Colts-Patriots tilt and the less-heralded Bears-Saints showdown due to take place on Sunday.

Madden 07 had the Colts beating the deified Patriots, 23-21, and that actually sounds about right, though I suspect the score might be slightly higher. While the media continues their unrelenting and nauseating swooning for the Patriots’ Tom Brady (Who’s he dating? Did he shave today or keep that dreamy Sonny Crockett stubble?), the best quarterback since John Elway retired, Indianapolis’ Peyton Manning, eerily follows an Elwayesque career path."

Trackmania United Screenshots (PC)

Boomtown has posted some screenshots of Trackmania United.
"Another batch of shots from the puzzle racer."

Xpand Rally Xtreme Interview (PC)

SimRacingWorld has posted an interview with Adrian Ciszewski, product manager of Xpand Rally Xtreme.
SimRacingWorld: "Speaking of physics, how have you achieved a balance between the needs of "simmers" and those who prefer the arcade modes?"
Adrian: "To put it short, we haven't. We went the other way and created two distinct modes for both types of players. Before you start driving, you're prompted which game mode you want to use: arcade or simulation."

GameTrailers Movie Clips (Multi)

GameTrailers have posted movie clips from the following games:

Other Stuff...

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

RDMercer (38), Thrash13 (25), miccrhaafetl (24), CharGP02A (19), socalguy (18)

What's Up?

Well, my daughter's birthday is on Monday, but we are throwing her a surprise birthday party at her grandpa and grandma's house later this evening. We have to get her picture taken, so it will be a busy day.

The Pistons beat the Wolves last night, in a game I didn't think would ever end. Webber still looks very slow, but got the job done. Hopefully he'll get a little quicker on the defensive end when he gets healthy. Good win last night, even if KG was ejected. Looked to me like KG backpeddled more than anything though.

Enough about me, what's up with you?

Member Comments
# 1 Slymm @ 01/20/07 02:25 PM
Basically just killing time until the Lakers game tonight. Watching Villanova vs. Texas right now. I don't understand why they won't give Durant more touches. Dude is the real deal I think. Other than that a while lot of nothing going on. Bored but none of my 360 games will keep my attention so I'll probably do some cleaning soon.
# 2 Beantown @ 01/20/07 02:45 PM
Not much.

Feel like crap right now. A mixture of a hangover and a cold - great combination. Don't want to go out tonight, but probably will end up going out after the Providence Vs Rutgers game. Blah.

I'm going through XBL withdrawls. Haven't played in almost a week now, and it's getting to me. Hopefully I'll be headed home next weekend and will be able to play friday and saturday night, but may not. I don't know what's going on...still need to talk to my parents about the whole transferring situation.
# 3 Acid @ 01/20/07 02:49 PM
I'm in a bad mood, my parents are going out of town all next week, and my brother is going to my aunt's house, and I figured I would get the house to myself the whole week, but it turns out my grandma is going to be watching me.

And the only reason my mom is giving me, is because she's afraid I won't wake up.

So according to that, my grandma is staying with me for a week to wake me up. But it just means that I'll have to help her with everything around the house for a week during finals week.

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