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Midway's Blitz Banned Over Drug Use

GamesIndustry has the scoop.
"Midway's American football title Blitz: The League has been refused classification down under for its depiction of in-game drug use.

Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC), which rates videogames, took exception to the game which allows players to buy performance enhancing drugs and fake urine tests to avoid detection.

"While the game player can choose not to use the drugs, in the Board's majority view there is an incentive to use them," said a statement from the OFLC."

Test Drive: Unlimited Preview (PS2)

PSX Extreme has posted their preview of Test Drive: Unlimited.
"Having been already released on the Xbox 360, Unlimited has garnered some pretty positive attention from both gamers and critics alike. The game's biggest attraction is that it features 1000 miles of Hawaiian pavement, making TDU arguably the largest scoped racing game to date. The action all takes place on the island of Oahu, which is home to Hawaiian capital Honolulu. In addition to 1000 miles of road, the game features a cast of vehicles that no Need for Speed game has ever had -- 125 different vehicles, including bikes. Vehicles include muscle, exotic, and tuner rides, so there's a bit of everything for everyone. And incase you're wondering, yes, the game does have Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, and Aston Martins. Additionally, the game also has everyday brands like Nissan, Mercedes, Ford, and so forth. Bike manufacturers include Suzuki and Ducati."

Virtua Tennis 3 Screenshots (PS3, 360)

Playsyde and Xboxyde have both posted some Virtua Tennis 3 screenshots.
"Sega sent us the last few screenshots of Virtua Tennis 3 unveiling the remaining mini-games. See gallery description for the version they are from."

Other Stuff...

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

lexus97man, General Sunn (39), spitoon (37), WIAggie (30), Stevo (22), Natalie (5)

What's Up?

Wow, what a game last night huh? Seriously, who turned it off when it was 21-3? I was about 2 seconds from doing it, but decided to keep watching hoping the Colts would at least make it respectable. I'll be pulling for the Colts to win in 2 weeks, the Bears are just...well...boring to me, what can I say.

My daughter's birthday is today, she is 5. Amazing how time flies, it feels like just yesterday she was born. Unreal, god I love her so much! She's taking piano lessons, as some of you already know. I bought her a digital keyboard that she'll be unwrapping tonight, she's going to be so happy. We already had cake and ice cream on Saturday with the family, but I think I might buy a small one for tonight.

The basketball season for a winter league I'm in, starts tomorrow, actually...we have 2 scrimmages this week, then the season kicks off next week. Can't wait for tomorrow, I should get some decent playing time, considering we only have 8 people on the team. I hear the competition is as good as the summer league, so it should be a great time.

Enough about me, what's up with you?

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# 1 cbgatorade0202 @ 01/22/07 08:35 AM
Whats up?

Wow Agree with you steve I was very close to turning it off and playin some 360 but I just kept thinkin Peyton has to do somethin here, He just has to and Well by god he sure as hell did and took over that game. The Colts Defense came up so big there in the 2nd half and gave Peyton a chance to do what he did.

Weekend was real good, Great Wresting show I went to in Savannah Saturday night ..Front row not even 5 feet away from the ring it was great, A little Midnight bowling Saturday night with my scores at 118, 148 and 139 ..Not bad in my opinion..beat all my buddies atleast. Today should be a good day at work and tonight Hopefully Raw is half decent..

Go Colts in Superbowl!!
# 2 JohnDoh @ 01/22/07 09:39 AM
Hey Steve - how's the little girl doing with staying in bed at night??
# 3 Gary Armida @ 01/22/07 09:51 AM
What's up? I was happy to see the Colts come back for the victory. Manning, Dungy and Harrison are some classy guys, unlike Belichek(sp?). I mean, he couldn't bother to shake Manning's hand after the game? I'm with you Steve...the Bears are boring. I hope the Colts can light up the scoreboard.

Other than that, it's the same old routine...Work, try to workout (LOL), watch TV (24 tonight), game a bit, and sleep. Rinse and repeat for the next 5 days. I guess you can tell that I'm not a big fan of the Mondays.
# 4 Shaver @ 01/22/07 10:20 AM
My youngest turned 5 on Saturday. It's a great age. She told me on Saturday, "Dad... this is one of my Top 5 Birthdays of all time." LMAO. She then went on to tell me how much she "enjoyed being a whole hand" (as in all five fingers). Kids are funny.

My oldest will be 7 in a couple weeks and it shocks me how fast time goes. I remember the older one feeding the younger one a bottle on the day after she was born.... then I blinked and they have swim team on Tuesday... Snowboarding lessons on Wednesday... they go over to their friends to play... they want iPods and cell phones and talk about being popular.

Time flies!!!!!!!!!!!!

HEROES is back tonight! I love that show. It's been too too long. Go home, get to the gym to get my running in... then it's a date with the couch for the show at 9:00p!

Ahhhhh... looking forward to it.
# 5 nyisles16 @ 01/22/07 10:39 AM
What's up??


ol' Bill wanted to cry on the sidelines last night..

nothing else new here.. taking a CDL permit for my job on Wed (yikes!)
# 6 Pete1210 @ 01/22/07 11:40 AM
I was glad to see the Colts advance too. That was some game.

My wife found a permanent teachers' aide job near home. She had been doing subbing at another school, but there was no work available since the New Year. The new job is very close to home and the same hours as when our kids are in school. Her first day is today, so she was a little nervous. I volunteered to take our kids to school this morning so she wouldn't be rushed.

I am lazy today. Hopefully after lunch I can get focused in here at work.
# 7 Steve_OS @ 01/22/07 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by JohnDoh
Hey Steve - how's the little girl doing with staying in bed at night??
Thanks for asking. She is actually better at the getting up part (no, I didn't try your method, but was close haha), now we have issues that she wants to stay up longer and longer, lol. So instead of her getting up 3 or 4 times a night, she now tries to find a way to get out of going to bed in the first place. lol.
# 8 Acid @ 01/22/07 02:24 PM
I have finals week this week, not too worried about it, two are minor presentations (photo's presentation will take a minute tops), I have one actual exam in Government, and in Consumer Math it's some BS assignment, so it should be an easy week. Parents went to Hawaii for my dad's birthday, so I hoping I'd get the house to myself for the week, but my grandma is coming to watch me. I'm going to try and work out a deal where she'll leave like halfway through the week.

Thursay and Friday are going to be ridiculously easy, 4 movies, 4 classes.

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