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We have just posted our Total Extreme Wrestling 2007 review. Find out what Aaron Holbert had to say about it.
"Total Extreme Wrestling 2007 is one of the few text-based wrestling simulators available on the market, so you wouldn’t blame Grey Dog Software if they rested on their laurels. Some companies (I’m looking at you, EA) are slow to add new features and improvements to a game with no competition. Its impressive to see the number of changes to the new version of this series, but some of things that were changed I wished stayed the same.

The basic premise of Total Extreme Wrestling 2007 and most text-based simulators is that you are the owner and/or head booker of a wrestling company. As head booker, you control the staff, roster, announcers, schedule, production, merchandising and can sign wrestlers to development contracts. The user can choose to start his career in a made-up universe or can download one of the many user-created mods that lets you book a real-life company. The mods really open up the game, because many wrestling fans will enjoy being able to book WCW during the NWO era or the WWF during the Hogan years."

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