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NBA Live 08 Wishlist Submitted

Our friends over at the NBA Live Series Center have posted their submitted NBA Live 08 Wishlist.
"The NBA Live 08 Wishlist has been compiled and submitted to the NBA Live production team today (January 24th, 2007). Thanks again to everyone who submitted wishes, hopefully we'll see a good number of them appear in the next instalment of the game.

While we are no longer accepting submissions for the list itself, feel free to continue posting ideas and suggestions since the producers do browse this section of the NLSC Forum for our feedback.

This year I've abandoned the idea of copying and pasting specific items as the Top Wishes, instead outlining the key areas we'd like to see improved with a couple of examples thrown in. I'll be expanding on this when I do the Wishlist supplement.

Please note that due to the fact a lot of people made similar suggestions, your exact suggestion may not appear as originally written in the Wishlist. Please read the list carefully as chances are it's in there in some form. Also note that since the NBA does not allow EA Sports to include fights and unsportsmanlike technicals in the game, those suggestions are not included in the Wishlist.

Finally, please note that items (including the top ten) are not posted in order of importance."

SSX Blur Gameplay Movie Clip (Wii)

Kotaku has posted a gameplay movie clip from SSX Blur.
"This game looks like it could be a ton of fun and I'm not just saying that because I started learning to snowboard last weekend... Yes, I am. The fact that there's no way I could do anything even close to what's seen in this clip, including heading straight down the mountain sans "big air" without breaking my ***, makes me want to play it all the more."

Sony's GT:HD Image Error

Boomtown has the scoop.
"A case of mistaken identity on the PSP Connect website.
I'll be straight up and say this isn't exactly news, it's more of a "and finally" laugh at the end of a news broadcast, like a windsurfing hamster and the like.

Go take a look at the Sony website PSP Connect "Downloads powered by Sony". At the moment the site is displaying a rather interesting banner showing a McLaren F1 - the image is being used to advertise the site's latest Gran Turismo 4 HD trailer."

GameTrailers Update (PS3, 360)

GameTrailers has posted the following games:

Other Stuff...

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

Mattinglyfan (34), SoxChamp (33), fredropro (31), yo136 (28), KeeprEUSC (15)

What's Up?

Had a good time running the point last night, we played a team that I would consider a little less talented than we were, but if we were scoring, I think they would have lost. Our defense is extremely, how would I say, SUCKY! We go zone, people are wide open every where, it's like some of these guys have no clue, but they can drive the lane and throw up a 360 layup w/ no problem. Figures. Anyways, I still had a blast, can't wait for the season to start next week. No confrontations last night either.

My daughter's keyboard bench and chair came in last night, so I'll be putting that together tonight, so she can have at it on her new keyboard. I'm actually looking forward to playing on it myself, lol.

Enough about me, what's up with you?

Member Comments
# 1 Sully @ 01/26/07 07:23 AM

Say it ain't so...I thought this week was almost over.

It's cold today. 9 degrees when I left for work this morning. I can't wait for this day to be over with. I think I'm going to listen to The Who all day today on Sirius. I'm just in the mood.
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ 01/26/07 07:36 AM
What's up?


It's below zero here with the wind chill...lovely. Still snowing. I'm starting to think I'm in Antartica.

Busy weekend, it'll be Monday before I even know it, which sucks.
# 3 Steve_OS @ 01/26/07 07:58 AM
Jeez, sorry guys. I was up late last night, lol. Thanks to whoever fixed it!
# 4 Pete1210 @ 01/26/07 08:35 AM
Its cold here too today, 12 degrees this morning. First real cold we got and it's almost February already. I'd like to stay in after work, but my 8 year old daughter has an event at school this evening. Her grade is putting on a stage circus type performance. She's been learning how to balance and juggle stuff and she's pretty excited about it. My older son (16) has a wrestling meet that will be my next stop. I'm grateful that he's a good kid, doing great in school and staying out of trouble. The sports really helps.
This Sunday I agreed to register him for drivers education. He was going to take it at school in the Spring but he missed the deadline to sign up. He was upset about that but I found a course outside school. A a little more expensive and he offered to pay the difference. Like I said, he's a good kid, so I'm going to take care of it.
Saturday we are heading over to my wife's sister's house to celebrate some birthdays.
# 5 Stu @ 01/26/07 08:57 AM
5 degrees here with the wind chill at -14. Chicago might be named the "Windy City" but it has nothing on Boston. Stepping outside my building is like walking into a wind tunnel.

I'm supposed to go skiing this weekend, but not if it stays like this. Mother nature keeps foiling my plans to ski.
# 6 CaptainZombie @ 01/26/07 09:02 AM
LOL! On the Tuesday.............sometimes I wish it were Tuesday again to redo the week all over again to correct some of the stupid stuff that I did this week.

What's Up?

It's cold here in Chicago, originally it was supposed to be the coldest day of the week but that is Sunday now. Were going to be getting snow tomorrow, so that should be fun.

I don't know what we are going to do tonight, most likely watch a movie or something on TV.

I'm looking forward to Sunday, my wife and I get to go out to dinner and movie while my parents watch the kids. How hard things get when you have kids. LOL! Their so totally worth it.

I might catch the Rumble on Sunday, but don't know what time were getting back home.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
# 7 TJdaSportsGuy @ 01/26/07 09:41 AM
What's up?

I've been laboring through the day so far. It's going to be a long day for me. I won't get out of here until 6:30 and I've been here since 6:30 this morning.

Tomorrow, I have to work at night but will be getting done a little earlier than normal. Sunday? Not sure what I'll do with no football to watch. Probably do some gaming.

It was pretty damn cold here this morning too, but not as cold as you guys are talking. I think it might've been around 15 degrees here when I left for work. Brrrrrr....
# 8 cbgatorade0202 @ 01/26/07 10:05 AM
Whats up?

Well It's finally Friday but Damn I feel like im gettin sicker and sicker, Didnt take my Dayquil today and its obviously showing up. I get off work here in less then an hour at lunch time and heading to the house and then were heading off to Orlando for the weekend to watch the Monster Truck show and Prob drink just a bit to much.

Sunday is my dads bday and were gonna go out to eat and were gonna go shopping and surprise him by buying him a Plasmsa TV for his 50th birthday..well I guess my mom but I'll act like I did somethin for it. She wanted to get him tv and surprise but I told her I think it'd be smarter to let him pick one out b/c he's the type he'd accept it but I know he'd be like geez i'd rather of just got the Big Time thing that he wanted instead.
# 9 Acid @ 01/26/07 02:46 PM
Finals (midterms) Week is over, and I think I did very well on every final, so that's a good thing. I have a 3 day weekend now, so I'll get to sleep in on Monday.

I get to look forward to my parents going to the Super Bowl next week (2nd year in a row they've both gone, 3rd in a row for my dad), I'll get the house to myself from Thursday-Monday, so that should be awesome. Only thing that sucks is when my mom calls every couple of hours to ask me who certain players and who they play for, by far the most annoying thing she could do. :y:
# 10 MachoMyers @ 01/26/07 03:07 PM
Its -35 here with a windchill advisory so quit your bellyaching

We were going to go snowboarding today but thats just ridiculous. Looks like a movie night.
# 11 NYJets @ 01/26/07 09:45 PM
It was -0 windchill all day today. One of the most boring days I've had in awhile. I went to my 2 classes, and did nothing else just basically stayed in my room. Hell, it's 11 on a friday night and I'm posting in whats up on OS.

Tomorrow should hopefully be better. Going to the Uconn-Providence game, and it's supposed to be warmer tomorrow, with windchills in the teens and then the 20s later in the day.

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