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Forza Motorsport 2 on Sale May 2007 (360)

The official Forza Motorsport website has the scoop.
"This morning, we teamed up with the PR team at Xbox 360 to send out an email blast to our friends in the press and auto community alerting them to the fact that we've officially fired-up our marketing engines and put the promotional pedal to the proverbial metal. The first important detail in the email is something you probably noticed already -- Forza Motorsport 2 will be on North American store shelves May 2007. Wait, so just May 2007? No exact release date? Not if we could help it. Our schedule right now has us hitting Xbox certification around the middle of April and going gold soon aftewards. We want them to put the game on shelves as soon and fast as they can humanly muster. So optimistic estimates have us at retail in the first half of May -- obviously the sooner the better and that's our goal."

GameTrailers Update (Mutli)

GameTrailers have posted the following:

February Games Release Preview (Multi)

SportsGamer has posted their February games release preview.

TrackMania United Movie Clip (PC)

FileShack has posted another TrackMania United movie clip.
"Two and a half minutes of interface footage from TrackMania United."

Other Stuff...

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

Boss DJ (34), Keirik (32), RockinDaMike (25), mooredus (21), Hollywood_Harley (21), infablak (20), Kredit (19), njdnhl80 (19), ifiok25 (18)

What's Up?

Have I mentioned how much I can't stand the Wizards? Well, they beat the Pistons last night at The Palace. No worries, they travel to D.C. for payback in a few days. At least, I hope so.

Going to be a busy day full of errands, so hope everyone enjoys the weekend. I hope to finally open the Wii later this evening, but we'll see.

Enough about me, what's up with you?

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 01/27/07 10:51 AM
What's up?

Open up the Wii...good one Steve, I'm still laughing. LOL

Got a lot of errands today as well, then going out tonight. Tomorrow is my Niece's 2nd birthday party, having a party for that. Should be fun.
# 2 CaptainZombie @ 01/27/07 11:08 AM
What's Up? Whas Up? What's Up?

I started the morning off by installing the under the cabinet CD radio that we bought last night at Sears. We must have went to 5 different stores and they didn't carry these anymore or they were sold out. My wife has wanted a radio for the kitchen, she was going to settle for a simple radio on the counter, but I figured why eat up counter space.

Other than that, today I'm going to be watching the kids as my wife has a few things to do in the afternoon.

Steve, open up that Wii.
# 3 WTF @ 01/27/07 11:59 AM
Whats up fellas? For me... I'm going to be working out some today. Been relatively under the weather for the past 2 days. Tweaked my knee again the other night playing ball. Hopefully it's nothing too bad. My lateral movement made me cringe up to the point where I had to sit out the last 4 minutes of the game. Of course, we'd built up a huge lead by then anyway, and I was coming out regardless.

Anyway, so I'm going to work out my knee today for our game on Monday. Have to go into town to buy another dress shirt. My uncle passed away yesterday, so I'll be attending visitation tomorrow, and a funeral on Monday

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. Getting ready to list a few things on eBay... NO Scott... not the PS3

Oh, and Steve, man, that was a heartbreaker last night. REALLY dumb finish by the Stones... they'll regroup and probalby put a good showing down in DC.

Enough about me... What's up with you all?
# 4 The GIGGAS @ 01/27/07 12:48 PM
Well, I'm just chillin out today, going to play theWii and hoping people other than EG will friend me so I can see some cool Miis... oh well.
# 5 LiquidCrash @ 01/27/07 12:59 PM
I'd like to go one week, just one, without snow. This is the 6th weekend in a row that's its snowed here. It still hasn't melted since the first storm. There's more ruts and potholes on the streets now I feel like I'm driving on the Oregon Trail.

For today, I'm watching the Carolina game, then probably headed out.
# 6 MachoMyers @ 01/27/07 01:25 PM
Whats up?

I'm finally buying me own snowboard with the works this weekend. A group of 5 of us have all bought boards/skis the past two weeks so I feel the pressure to be the last one to get in on the group.

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