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Conan Vs. Serena Williams In Wii Tennis

Maybe it's just me, but I think Conan is one of the funniest people on TV. Check him out here, playing Serena Williams In Wii Tennis.

NBA Street Homecourt Demo Available (360)

According to Major Nelson, the NBA Street Homecourt is available on the Marketplace.

Release Date For DTM 3 Challenge (PSP)

Fragland has the scoop.
"It has enough modes, cars and tracks to keep even the most demanding gamer satisfied and bring this game into pole position, as far as PSP racers are concerned. If you add the 4-player Wi-Fi mode (that only requires one copy of the game), you can be pretty sure this game will sell well."

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Updates (Multi)

The following websites have posted FlatOut Ultimate Carnage updates:

UEFA Champs League 2006-2007 Dev Diary

Eurogamer has posted their UEFA Champs League 2006-2007 Dev Diary.
"UEFA Champions League 2006-2007's associate producer Chris Coates talks about the background to the game's "Ultimate Team" mode. The game is due out on Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, PC and mobile from 23rd March.

One of our main objectives with UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 was to offer the football gamers a unique way to enjoy their favourite sport. After exploring a number of ideas we hit on the idea of capitalising on some key motivations for football fans - the desire to build your own fantasy team and the huge sense of community on making those choices."

Other Stuff...

Well, um...err...What can I say about the game last night...Well, how about...We suck! We lost by 30! Our defense is HORRIBLE and we had way too many turnovers. My ankle was bugging me, but it wasn't that bad, so there are no excuses from me. I think we are going to get murdered next week, as we saw the team we play next week, right after our game. Oh the joy of an upcoming embarrassment. The ref wasn't giving me any calls. I drove the lane at least 5 times, getting hammered and hacked, but never got a whistle. Then on the other end, I block a shot or extend my arm to deflect a pass, NOT HITTING ANY PART OF HIS BODY, and I get a whistle. The game was very frustrating for me, but what can ya do. Hopefully we can get it together by the next game, but somehow I seriously doubt it.

Bah! I'm still pissed off, but enough about me, what's up with you?
  • QOTD: Who's going to win the Super Bowl and what is the score going to be?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

Battlestar (34), tedknick (32), BrewBomber (31), Bakes (28), NCoffey (23), sccdct34 (23), Donovan (22), aps22 (20)

Member Comments
# 1 Steve_OS @ 02/02/07 08:21 AM
QOTD: Colts 27 Bears 17
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ 02/02/07 08:30 AM
QOTD - Colts 31 Bears 17
# 3 LiquidCrash @ 02/02/07 08:35 AM
Colts 24
Bears 14

Whats Up? Well, it snowed again and is currently a balmy -9 outside. Should be a fun walk to campus. At least it's Friday.
# 4 Pete1210 @ 02/02/07 08:36 AM
QOTD: Colts 27, Bears 10
# 5 MachoMyers @ 02/02/07 09:13 AM
Bears 17
Colts 14

Long live the NFC.
# 6 ndeezlo @ 02/02/07 09:43 AM
Conan's black socks are awesome with that tennis outfit.

Colts in a rout 35-10, at least thats what i'm betting in vegas. Can't wait till tomorrow.
# 7 plasticbeast @ 02/02/07 10:00 AM
QOTD: The saying goes: Defense wins championships but I still can't see how the bears come out on top in this game. Colts 28 Bears 17
# 8 CaptainZombie @ 02/02/07 10:35 AM

Bears 30, Colts 27
# 9 forensicd @ 02/02/07 11:14 AM
colts - 24-3
# 10 racerx @ 02/02/07 12:00 PM
Colts 27
Bears 13

My wife picked up our new Siberian Husky puppy last night from a breader in PA. The dog is one beautiful dog, they gave us a family tree with it also and it shows her father was a Champion Show Dog. I am really excited about her, we lost our 12 1/2 year old Husky in Nov and my wife wanted a new one.
# 11 Dice @ 02/02/07 12:52 PM
Bears - 28
Colts - 14
# 12 Steve_OS @ 02/04/07 10:53 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
QOTD: Colts 27 Bears 17
Hey, not a bad prediction huh?
# 13 ExtremeGamer @ 02/05/07 06:11 AM
Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer
QOTD - Colts 31 Bears 17
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Hey, not a bad prediction huh?
I was closer
# 14 Steve_OS @ 02/05/07 06:48 AM
Nah, you went OVER!

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