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On The Radar: February 2007

5WG has posted their monthly On The Radar: February 2007.
"The Street series of games has long been one of my favorites, and when EA released NFL Street 3 last fall for the PlayStation 2 only, my heart broke a little. This month, they’ll try to make amends with NBA Street: Homecourt, the latest in the Street hoops series. The game’s demo just released on Xbox Live today, and I’ve seen some good and some bad. The game’s “trick remixer” reduces the insane number of trick buttons to a manageable two and the Xbox 360’s “bumper buttons” can be used as modifiers - that’s good. The game’s three (at least in the demo) camera angles are terrible, making it very difficult to get in position for a rebound or grab a loose ball - that’s bad. However, the more I played it, the more I wanted to play it again - that’s very good. While NBA Street hasn’t ever really been a basketball game - it just looks like one - it’s raucous multiplayer gaming at its most fun, and… that’s good."

THQ Announces WWE Games for Wii and DS

NintendoWorldReport has the scoop.
"Farrell announced that both the Wii and Nintendo DS would be getting a WWE game during THQ's 2008 fiscal year, which runs from April 2007 to March 2008. It was not said if the games would be versions of THQ's main Smackdown! vs. RAW series, or original games for the Nintendo consoles. An exact release date was not mentioned either, but given the popularity and strength of the WWE brand, it would not be surprising to see the game release on both platforms before Christmas 2007."

Blitz: The League Demo (360)

According to Boomtown, there is a Blitz: The League demo on the Marketplace.
"Blitz: The League offers up two teams and two quarters for its rather large 1.35GB download.

"The full game takes players behind the glitz and glamour of professional American football through a revolutionary campaign mode, Blitz: The League explores the on-field violence, off-field fallout and front-office politics feeding the headlines in America's media spotlight." says the Midway press release."

Other Stuff...

Busy day today with chores all over.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What game(s) are you playing this weekend?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

goobamccoy55 (35), KingofHearts444 (26), Mystery Ridah (26), Nolesfan2740 (18)

Member Comments
# 1 GP Mercy @ 02/03/07 12:30 PM
QOTD: Gears of War and NBA 2K7.
# 2 Acid @ 02/03/07 01:29 PM
QOTD: FIFA 07, and maybe Rainbow Six Vegas.
# 3 Blaze125 @ 02/03/07 01:38 PM
QOTD: Final Fantasy 12 and Madden 07 (360).
# 4 CaptainZombie @ 02/03/07 01:49 PM
What's Up?

Staying in today, it is extremely cold with the wind chill down to -4 degrees today and it's supposed to get lower than that as the day progresses. Come Superbowl Sunday, it's supposed to be just as bad. DAMN!

Plus I have some work I need to kinda chip away at from this past week which I hate having to do work at home, but we were very busy all week long. Times like these is when being on salary can suck, you can put in many hours but no exta $$$$$. LOL!


I played some Blitz (360) today and I about had it with the inconsistant AI finally. Instead of breaking the disc which I haven't felt like that in a very long time with a game, it's getting traded in.

I'll be playing Fight Night 3, R6: Vegas, and FIFA '07.
# 5 WazzuRC @ 02/03/07 03:22 PM
What's Up?

Laying around today mostly and watching some college basketball. Cougs play against Arizona St. and its actually on TV so a bunch of people are coming over to my house. Possibly including one of the guys on the team that didn't travel LOL. Then tonight probably going to a kegger hosted by one of my friends and not remembering the night.

My birthday is in 4 days (22) and I'm not even that excited. Last year was the big 21st but this year I'm just saying to myself "Ehh...whatever." I guess school and just the fact of getting older plays a part in that.


Probably not playing too much since there is so much on TV this weekend. But if I do, probably Gears of War and CHoops 2k7. Me and my buddies have also been playing a lot of Mario Kart 64 lately and my roomate just bought Hitman: Blood Money so I've been messing on that off and on. Just a really low key weekend.
# 6 McLite @ 02/03/07 09:52 PM
QOTD : Medieval Total War 2 with the Lands to Conquer 2.1 MOD. Just got my new video card and the game looks unbelievable.

The hours just melt away...

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