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Download Gran Turismo 5 Prologue This Tear?

C&VG has the scoop.
"Sony Computer Entertainment will bring a playable demo of the fifth Gran Turismo instalment to the PS3's online store this autumn, ahead of its release in Europe next year. This is all according to French website Jeux-France, who report that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be on Japanese shelves before the end of this year. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, as the download version is called, will be apparently offer several cars and circuits as well as online play via the Gran Turismo network. It's not specified at this point whether it will be free or paid-for content. Polyphony previously pointed at a 2008 date for the fifth racing instalment, after cancelling Gran Turismo HD as a full disc-game."

Motorstorm Online Impressions (PS3)

Kotaku has posted their online impressions of Motorstorm.
"The good news is that the online build plays with all of the graphic bells and whistles and no apparent slow-downs in game. Of course I was only playing with seven others and the servers were absolutely empty except for us, so I suppose there could be issues when it launches, but I sorta doubt it.

The one nitpick I had with the game was that the lobby seemed very sparse, just really a list of names, the players' rank and whether they won, finished or didn't finish the last race. You could click on a person and bring up their stats, but it still seemed barren."

Formula One: Championship Edition Preview (PS3)

PSX Extreme has posted their preview of Formula One: Championship Edition.
"It's amazing just how chaotic the game can get. For instance, the screen will shake violently if you've veered off-course and your entire car is bumping up and down. Or just try and illegally cut through a turn by jumping the course and you'll experience that visual distortion, as well. The amount of cool little visual tricks that the game uses, like blur, really perfect the sense of speed more so than any other racing game I can think of. Driving top-speed in the game is absolutely terrifying and incredibly exciting, which is precisely how Formula One games should feel. In fact, even 100MPH feels quick and that's a testament to just how nice the game's sense of speed is."

goalunited Football Manager Launches

GamingGroove has the scoop.
"One of the world's fastest growing online football (soccer) manager games starts its global rollout today. Players get the chance to manage their own unique and personalized club, to compete against other managers' teams in their league, to climb up the ranking and to fight for the title. Through smart selection and enduring training, teams stay fit and develop the best tactics. Play against more than 80.000 managers in different leagues and fight for the title -- all for free."

Championship Manager 2007 Screenshots (PS2, PSP, 360)

Fragland has posted some screenshots of Championship Manager 2007.
"Championship Manager 2007 tried to win back some lost ground from the true champ Football Manager 2007 and succeeded to a certain extent. This quarter, Eidos' football management sim will be released on PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Portable to broaden the audience."

MotorStorm Movie Clip (PS3)

GameTrailers have posted another MotorStorm movie clip.
"We take the battle online in one of the PS3's most anticipated titles."

Virtua Tennis 3 Hands On Preview (PSP)

PSP Spot has posted their hands on preview of Virtua Tennis 3.
"SEGA's Virtua Tennis 3 could be the most accurate console-to-PSP port that we've seen so far. In fact, if you were to play it alongside the PS3 version (which we have in-house and previewed last week), it would be difficult to tell the difference between the two. Impossible as that may sound, it's because of the PlayStation Portable's small LCD screen -- it keeps the resolution and detail discrepancies from being immediately noticeable (they are there; they're just hard to spot.)

But when I say that Virtua Tennis 3 is an accurate port, it isn't in reference to the visuals. No, what it really means is that the game's PSP content is identical across the board. In fact, some could say that the handheld version is actually bigger than its PS3 counterpart because it allows people on four different machines to play each other (via ad hoc). Without an online feature, you can't do that on Sony's next-gen system."

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Patch 1.1 Patch (PC)

FileShack has posted a patch for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.
"Version 1.1 update for the retail edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.

- Fixed sidehill and uphill lies were not affecting the shot physics.
- Fixed missing fog and haze effects
- Fixed missing near fog animation
- Fixed courses from earlier releases and Course Architect courses having bad reflections and trees with gray halos.
- Created a work-around to fix antialiasing. By turning off “Bloom”, “ Depth-Of-Field”, and “Lensflare” effect from the Options screen, the user can activate antialiasing. The full fix for this issue will be in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008."

Burnout: Dominator Interview (PSP, PS2)

FiringSquad has posted an interview with Nick Channon, Executive Producer of Burnout Dominator.
FiringSquad: "Burnout Dominator seems to be a bit of a throwback in terms of game features to the earlier games in the series. Why was this decision made?"
Nick Channon: "Burnout’s last featured in Burnout 2, they were an incredibly popular part of that game, and we have always looked at ways we could bring them back. Burnout Dominator provided us with that opportunity, however we didn’t just want them to be just a feature within the game, so decided to build the whole game around them."

SportsGamer Update

SportsGamer has posted the following:
  • Who should be on the cover of Madden 08?
    "With the NFL season wrapped up, it comes time yet again to begin speculation on who will be on the cover of the upcoming Madden. Its safe to assume there won’t be another runningback, quarterback, or linebacker due to their appearances in recent years. You can also scratch offensive lineman off the list since they aren’t seen as marketable enough. Generally the cover athlete will be related to the big selling-point feature addition. Examples would be Michael Vick with ‘Playmaker’ and Shaun Alexander with ‘Run to Daylight’. This will probably be the case in Madden 08. So lets take a look at the most likely positions that would make sense, and who the best representative of those would be."
  • The Master Passer & Master Stealer Skills
    "SportsGamer will be featuring two Master Skills for three days this week. What are the Master Skills and what do they do in the game?

    There are 6 master skills in NBA Street Homecourt:

    * Master Passer
    * Master Dunker
    * Master Blocker
    * Master Stealer
    * Master Shooter
    * Master Handles"

Other Stuff...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm getting ready to head outside and bang all the ice off my windshield. Should be a lot of fun. I can't stand ice storms, give me 2 feet of snow, not an ice storm. At least we still have power!

Big game tonight as the Spurs head to Motown. This should be a good test for the Pistons, should be a great game!

Enough about me, what's up with you?
  • QOTD: When is the last time you won it all or completed a videogame?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

ODogg (37), AJ21476 (31), johnny malibu (28)

Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 02/14/07 07:20 AM
SNOW!!! with drifts there are 3 feet of snow in my driveway, about 5 feet in my backyard. It's insane. I am staying home today, as is everyone else in my office it appears. I was snow blowing for the last 2 hours, absolutely insane!
# 2 Eton Rifles @ 02/14/07 07:32 AM
Here in Newport RI, we only have like about 1 inch of snow on the ground and it has turned to rain so I think we have gotten lucky to just miss the big snow that western mass, Vermont, and upstate New York are getting.

the last game I completed was Saint's Row. I am proud to say I beat the ghame at 100 percent completion. I think it it took me like 60 hours or so. the game kept freezing up on me so my hours maybe a bit more.
# 3 Shaver @ 02/14/07 07:35 AM
We got quite a bit of snow yesterday...schools are closed...but the roads were pretty much dealt with when I headed to work this morning. The worst part is that it's not that "heavy snow and 30 degrees" that usually go together. It's that 8-10in., blowin', and about 5 or 10 degrees. Chill your *** to the bone with a quickness. At least it's warm here at work.

Valentine's Day... whatever... my wife and I don't "celebrate it" like a lot of folks do. I picked her up a couple charms/beads for her Pandora Bracelet... but no flowers or chocolate or any of that crap. She gets her present everyday that she wakes up and I'm still there.

QOTD: In the like the same week, I finished Saint's Row and won the National Championship on NCAA07. I think I'm super close to beating Rainbow 6: Vegas, but I'm on this mission that feels broke to me and I can't get past it. I think it's glitching me.
# 4 MachoMyers @ 02/14/07 07:59 AM

I just beat Rainbow Six Vegas a couple days ago.
# 5 Shaver @ 02/14/07 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by Xavier12

I just beat Rainbow Six Vegas a couple days ago.
PM me and tell me how to beat the level where you have to hack the PC downstairs and Ilena (is that her name?) is upstairs. I always start the hack, get in a fire fight, and she's gone so I fail. I've tried starting the hack and then bum rushing upstairs. I've literally tried it 35-40 times and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
# 6 Gary Armida @ 02/14/07 08:45 AM
This "snow storm" here in NY (1 1/2 north of the city) is one giant ice storm. Those are the worst. It'll take me a couple hours to get my driveway passable when it's over. My driveway is a 1/4 mile long. Snow is much easier--the plow guy comes. I hate this weather.

At least I didn't have to work today.
# 7 Pete1210 @ 02/14/07 08:54 AM
There was a dusting of snow/ice here last night. When I started off to work it was raining and slushy roads, but as I headed north it turned to freezing rain and sleet and icy roads. It's right around 32. I am planning on leaving work after lunch before everything freezes up.

QOTD: Last games I completed were COD3 and SC-DA.
# 8 shon @ 02/14/07 08:55 AM
Here in Arkansas it is only 28 and we are supposed to get some flurries so not too bad.

QOTD: Fear for 360
# 9 CaptainZombie @ 02/14/07 09:29 AM
We did get about 10 inches of snow total where I live, crazy. Nothing compared to what EG got, but with the drifts, my backyard must have about 1.5 worth of snow. I tried to shovel a path last night to clean around my AC Condensor.

I guess this year I'm going to get a snow blower, this shoveling is just too much at times when you have to shovel 5 times in one day if not more. We don't get snow stroms like we used to either. Having a cheap snow blower doesn't hurt.

QOTD: Lost Planet
# 10 Acid @ 02/14/07 09:38 AM
Tennis officially started yesterday, first preseason match is 2/27, so we have two weeks of practices before the match. This year should be fun, I'm 1 of 2 captains and I'll probably be playing #1 doubles this year.

My 18th birthday is exactly a week away.
# 11 cjonesfan921 @ 02/14/07 09:42 AM
Snow/Ice/Freezing Rain. Not a pretty sight. And I have an exam at 1PM that as of now, class is still not canceled.

QOTD - Marble Blast Ultra.
# 12 The GIGGAS @ 02/14/07 10:02 AM
Cloning Clyde prolly.
# 13 Sandman42 @ 02/14/07 10:42 AM
We have around a foot to a foot and a half of snow here on campus and it's still falling. All classes were cancelled for today, which is good since I had an exam.

QOTD: Gears of War
# 14 Slymm @ 02/14/07 10:57 AM
Just got called and told that Boys and Girls club is cancelled again today, but someone needs to call parents and hang with any kids waiting to get picked up from school so I'll be rolling out here for work in a moment... at least the worst is over.
# 15 cjonesfan921 @ 02/14/07 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by cjonesfan921
Snow/Ice/Freezing Rain. Not a pretty sight. And I have an exam at 1PM that as of now, class is still not canceled.

QOTD - Marble Blast Ultra.
# 16 ndeezlo @ 02/14/07 06:22 PM
QOTD: MLB 2006 the show.

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