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With the help of our readers and 2K Sports, we had an opportunity to interview Jason Teirstein, Assistant Producer of Major League Baseball 2K7.
Operation Sports: How many sliders will there be for CPU pitching? Will we see CPU pitchers throwing a lot of pitches per inning?

Jason Teirstein: There are 13 total pitching sliders. As far as how many pitches you will see per inning, that is all up to you and whether you decide to swing or not. Make no mistake; CPU pitchers will be trying to get you out. Part of smart pitching is getting the batter to chase some pitches out of the zone and hit the pitch he wants you to hit. (Personally, I would suggest being a little bit patient. They will work those corners and throw some tantalizingly close pitches… especially on the higher difficulties).

Operation Sports: Will the rosters expand to 40-man after September 1st? Could you give us any other information on roster management?

Jason Teirstein: The rosters will not expand to 40 in September. There are technical reasons why this is difficult to do, but it is certainly something we will be considering in future installments. Once again, the focus this year was core gameplay. We did, however, fill out the minor leagues a bit more than previous years. Every team will have a full 25-man Triple-A squad and a few Double-A players. We also made every effort to get as many players that are eligible through licensing into the game as possible. If a player has appeared in at least one major league game, there is a very good chance that his name and likeness are in 2K7.

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# 1 bigfnjoe96 @ 02/14/07 08:58 AM
Good Job Steve. I know all the questions submitted couldn't be answered, but I think the one's asked were very important. Very happy that this game is running @ 30FPS. Also glad to hear that the "ROCKET ARMS" have been toned-down, how toned-down is really key. Looks like only a purchase will give me that answer..


A question on when a DEMO will hit XBL Marketplace would of been nice...

March couldn't get here any faster...

Once again good job Steve
# 2 DaveDQ @ 02/14/07 10:35 AM
Thanks so much.
# 3 Sandman42 @ 02/14/07 10:37 AM
Great interview Steve. I'm also very happy that the rocket arms are gone and am happy that in-game saves are back. IMO every sports game should have them.

Only thing I wish we had was a foul ball slider like MVP 2005. It never seems like games represent the amount of foul balls realistically, so lets hope 2K improved on that.
# 4 mjb2124 @ 02/14/07 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by bigfnjoe96
Very happy that this game is running @ 30FPS.
It was last year as well. I'm guessing you confused 30 and 60 FPS?
# 5 The GIGGAS @ 02/14/07 12:33 PM
Yeah, reading that makes me want to get MLB.
# 6 Kalon @ 02/14/07 01:17 PM
nice read. still undecided between this and the show. I hope both games have demos.
# 7 Spear @ 02/14/07 03:11 PM
Thanks for the interview.

I'm tempted to give this game another shot (I havent enjoyed a baseball game from them since WSB 2K3), but I can't afford to go out and just preorder it. I'm counting on some quality impressions from the forums this year.
# 8 vinny @ 02/14/07 06:55 PM
The return of the drag bunt!
# 9 STLfan92 @ 02/14/07 08:14 PM
will there be a gyro ball pitch?
# 10 blaza @ 02/14/07 08:57 PM
Am I missing something? I only see 2 questions
# 11 Steve_OS @ 02/14/07 09:02 PM
Originally Posted by blaza
Am I missing something? I only see 2 questions
You have to click the link.
# 12 EnigmaNemesis @ 02/15/07 12:03 PM
Thanks for the post Steve.

Been looking forward to reading the response to some of the questions.

Great that in-game saves are back, I hope you can watch computer controller games as a spectator that most sports games this "next-gen" are lacking all of a sudden.
# 13 macsomjrr @ 02/17/07 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by STLfan92
will there be a gyro ball pitch?
D-Mat doesn't even have a gyro ball.
# 14 Macar91 @ 02/18/07 08:22 AM
Great job with this.
# 15 RyanHollweg44 @ 02/18/07 10:33 PM
i heard the developers really went out of their way to get detail from each player. my buddy told me that they really nailed the personality of the players.

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