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Yeah, we were down for quite a bit this morning/afternoon. Andrew (camulos) saved the day and did his thing. Welcome back.

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# 1 SoMiss2000 @ 02/19/07 03:45 PM
# 2 The GIGGAS @ 02/19/07 03:46 PM
Originally Posted by SoMiss2000
Well played.

Luckily I didn't go through withdrawal for some reason.
# 3 Sandman42 @ 02/19/07 03:47 PM
It had to be the work of datrcrunk and his Operation Gangsta.

The memories.
# 4 RockyTop1 @ 02/19/07 03:49 PM
dear God, that was brutal
# 5 Beantown @ 02/19/07 04:03 PM
Yeah, that sucked.

Thanks, Cam. Good to see the Sox fans doing their thing.
# 6 coogrfan @ 02/19/07 04:25 PM
I had assumed that bk had sabotaged OS so he wouldn't have to make good on his pledge to become a 'Boys fan if SD hired Norv Turner.

My bad.
# 7 Jistic @ 02/19/07 04:26 PM
Don't EVER do that again!

Andrew had a busy day today! Sharks circling on a few sites!.....and I was one of 'em.

Thanks bro!
# 8 Lintyfresh85 @ 02/19/07 04:28 PM
I was freaking out... Thanks CAM!
# 9 the_future420 @ 02/19/07 04:30 PM
You bastards. Because of you, I actually had to work today out of boredom. Make sure this doesn't happen again
# 10 Acid @ 02/19/07 04:51 PM
Totally ruined the morning of my day off.

Glad it's back though, that's for sure.
# 11 ExtremeGamer @ 02/19/07 05:04 PM
OS was down? I never even noticed.
# 12 luv_mist @ 02/19/07 05:40 PM
Well, I caught up on Sopranos Season 3, or was that 2? Whatever. I also got my girl to do a little video gaming in the meantime. She's playing KOTOR which is beyond me because she didn't quit yet. Still within the first hour though. We'll see how it grows on her. She usually doesn't stay in the room by herself when I try to put her in front of a video game. She was complaining at first, but now she's quiet as a mouse. Thanks OS!!
# 13 aukevin @ 02/19/07 05:42 PM
I got a lot of work done today... coincidence? LOL

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