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From Bucket to Binary: Morrison Corvette Scanned into Gran Turismo HD

Jalopnik has posted an interesting article on how cars are scanned into Gran Turismo.
"3400 hours of work and three years is a long time. That's about how long it took Art Morrison Enterprises to take what was essentially a basket case 1960 Chevrolet Corvette and turn it into a machine worthy not only of Art and Craig Morrison's high standards of finish and performance, but also of the Next Edition Gran Turismo HD."

Football Manager 2007 Patch (PC)

SiGames have posted a patch for Football Manager 2007.
"We are happy to announce that an official data update and patch for Football Manager 2007 and Worldwide Soccer Manager is now available for download."

SSX Blur Website Opens (Wii)

The official SSX Blur website is online.
"The familiar faces of the SSX franchise return. Mac is back with Kaori, Psymon, Allegra and many more familiar friends. Keep an eye out for some brand new riders that are ready to rip up the mountain."

PSX Extreme Update (PS3)

PSX Extreme has posted the following:
  • Ridge Racer 7 Demo Hits Store
    "You might be all caught up with Virtua Fighter 5, but if you need a break, check out the Store this week for that orange armless hero Q*Bert, a new Ridge Racer 7 demo that can be viewed in glorious 1080p (just like the full version), and finally, flOw."
  • Hot Shots Golf 5 Demo Swings For Spring
    "It's the most popular golf franchise in Japan, as evidenced by its latest two-page feature showing in the most recent edition of Famitsu. Currently, it's known as Minna no Golf 5, or to us, Hot Shots Golf 5, and after a brief absence over the past few months, they're preparing to release a demo in March. The final version is scheduled for July."

Other Stuff...

Wow, the Pistons had an easy time last night against the Magic. I thought it would be a close game. Looks like Wade messed up his shoulder last night, looked pretty bad. The Heat will definitely slide with him out of the lineup.

Wish me luck at the basketball game tonight. We are going up against a team that has a full bench and they love to run and gun. Meanwhile, it looks like we'll have 1 person on the bench. I predict another 20 point loss and a few leg cramps.

Enough about me, what's up with you?
  • QOTD: Which upcoming baseball game are you interested in the most?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

No birthday's today!

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# 1 Syphon2399 @ 02/22/07 07:25 AM
Its going to be about 50 degrees with lots of sun here in Des Moines, so that always makes it a good day. Hope to get some more quality time in with Crackdown today as well.

I liked both the Show and 2K6 last year. If VC worked all the kinks out of 2K6 for this year game, then 2K7 will be an awesome game, the screens look amazing and heres hoping that the gameplay is too. The Show has always been solid and if 2K7 fizzles, then at least I have a backup.
# 2 aukevin @ 02/22/07 07:32 AM
QOTD: I'm looking forward to the career mode in The Show this year. So I'll probably get that game first then try out 2k7 later on. I plan on playing a franchise with the MVP '07 mod on the PC.
# 3 ExtremeGamer @ 02/22/07 07:33 AM
QOTD - MLB The Show for the PS3
# 4 Gary Armida @ 02/22/07 07:33 AM
What's up? I've been on vacation this week, but it's not one of those relaxing deals. Leaky faucets, sick pet, blah blah blah. It's all good though. Today seems like a sit on my arse and get some quality time with my systems.

Your basketball teams sounds like my softball team. We always have just enough guys compared to the sunday "pros" who have a 2nd team to come in.

I'm looking foward to all baseball games this year. Baseball games are my main form of gaming. 2K7, the Show, and the Japanese game (I think it's call Pro Yukkuro Spirit ) for the PS3.
# 5 Shaver @ 02/22/07 08:28 AM
Is it just me or is D Wade the only person in the league that would need to leave the court in a wheelchair for a shoulder injury???? Bitch.

I'm actually looking forward to all of the baseball games this year. If I HAVE TO pick one, I'll go off the board for OOTP 2007 (dropping end of March) because I'm having so much fun in the BLB League with a bunch of guys from OS and elsewhere. Great guys. Great commish. Great fun!
# 6 Behindshadows @ 02/22/07 08:59 AM
QOTD-MLB 2k7 of course, the videos of POTD on IGN.com sealed the deal...Game is going to be amazing.
# 7 CaptainZombie @ 02/22/07 11:07 AM
QOTD: MLB: The Show (PS3) and MLB2K7 (360).
# 8 pb4201 @ 02/22/07 12:21 PM
I'm waiting to see if MLB 2K7 is the real deal after last year's effort they'll have to earn my 60 bucks this year!
# 9 Pete1210 @ 02/22/07 12:57 PM
# 10 sbmnky @ 02/22/07 02:11 PM
I'm working too much - that's what's up. However, each day passed is a day closer to my Mexico trip!

QOTD: MLB 2k7 (360). I can't bring myself to purchase a PS3 just for a The Show!
# 11 UMass03 @ 02/22/07 08:07 PM
QOTD: The Show (PSP); handheld goodness

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