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MLB 2K7: Hands On Impressions (360)

5WG has posted their hands on impressions of MLB 2K7.
"While this isn’t a “review” in any way, I’ll touch upon the good and the bad that I’ve seen lately, in an effort to help you get ready when baseball season starts on the Xbox 360 this Feb. 26th, and you can expect more details at Xbox.com soon.
First and foremost, the gameplay is much improved. At the plate, no longer does it seem that hits randomly fly around the park; your swing timing and the pitch’s location play a bigger role then ever before. Dare I say it? It feels almost MVP-like. The “Swing Stick” right-analog functionality is improved, though you’ll still have to decide to swing a bit sooner than you would if you were using the Classic controls (and you can select either in the game’s options); where a press of the A button triggers a swing. This may dissuade certain users from sticking with it. The “Swing Stick” feels rewarding, however, and while the learning curve is rather steep, I prefer to play with it - if only due to the increased interactivity and challenge that it provides. When you rip a double into the gap with the “Swing Stick”, you feel like you’ve earned it - and that’s a good thing."

Motorstorm Screenshots (PS3)

Kotaku has posted some screenshots of Motorstorm.
"PS3 UK mouthpiece ThreeSpeech just dumped these new Motorstorm screens on their site. Frankly, I don't think they do the game justice."

Other Stuff...

Oh man, I had to take my daughter in to get 4 shots yesterday afternoon. Jeez, I felt so bad for her. I had to hold her down while they popped her 4 freaking times. I felt horrible.

Tons of things to do today, so I gotta get started.

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# 1 MachoMyers @ 02/24/07 01:52 PM
NBA 2k7

I'm waiting for my baseball games to be released.
# 2 Pete1210 @ 02/24/07 05:03 PM
QOTD: Gears last night. Vegas tonight. Finally started King Kong today. A good pickup for cheap now if you missed it.

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