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Gran Turismo HD Concept on 23rd March (PS3)

Eurogamer has the scoop.
"Gran Turismo HD Concept will be available to download from the PlayStation Store on 23rd March, Sony has announced, to coincide with the European launch of PlayStation 3.

It will be free to digitally snatch, and will let you race around the Eiger Nordwand track in the Swiss Alps until your heart is content, either ploughing around the course the normal way, like a sane person, or in reverse, like a weirdo."

Who Will Be The NCAA Football 08 Cover Athlete?

SportsGamer has posted an article entitled, Who Will Be The NCAA Football 08 Cover Athlete?
"The recently launched website for NCAA Football 08 included a statement from EA Sports that the cover athlete is going to be officially announced in the near future.

Given the history of the NCAA Football series, in all likelihood it will be the biggest "name". Many times that ends up being the Heisman winner but it isn't always the case. Only one defensive player has ever graced the cover, Charles Woodson in 1999. Comparatively there have been five Quarterbacks, three Running Backs, one Wide Receiver, and toss in Desmond Howard in 2006 as well."

Other Stuff...

Nothing but fun shoveling snow for about 2 hours yesterday. My back is feeling the affects. We FINALLY decided on what tile we are going to use in the kitchen. So, hopefully we get started by the weekend.

Sat down and played Crackdown for about 4 hours last night, got a whopping 3 hours of sleep. While the game is kinda fun, it's already getting boring to me. I mean, I have 3 stars on a lot of my "Powers" but throwing around cars, shooting and kicking the crap out of people just tends to get old fairly quickly for me.

Chris Webber!

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Do you keep all of your old games or trade/sell them?

No birthday's today!

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# 1 CaptainZombie @ 02/26/07 07:30 AM
What's Up?

Getting ready to head over to work, which I really wish I was at home. But only 3 days of work this week as Friday we leave for Vegas.

QOTD: I keep some games and trade/sell others.
# 2 J G 22 @ 02/26/07 07:37 AM
What up: This must have been the worst sports weekend for me. All my team lost (Denver, North Carolina girls and boys, Missouri,etc), Lil E wrecked again for the second week in a row, and I dislocated my shoulder playing football. It's been real ruff!

My Denver Nuggets are in a big slump right now. They cant get a freakin win. I cant wait till they gets it together!

QOTD: I mostly trade them. I try real hard to keep them but I be in a bind for money and there is always a game that I really really want. Need too start a Video Game Bank Account! LOL
# 3 ExtremeGamer @ 02/26/07 07:43 AM

QOTD - There's very few games I keep. If I don't play it after a month or so, usually it's bye bye time.
# 4 forensicd @ 02/26/07 08:17 AM
I only keep classic retro games I pick up for atari, nes, snes, etc. All the rest go back. I figure in 20 years if a game has a lasting affect on me like Mario or pitfall, I will get it again, but for now once im done with it, thats enough.
# 5 cbgatorade0202 @ 02/26/07 08:38 AM
QOTD: Im just strange about my games and I keep every game I ever bought, Prob shouldnt but I do.
# 6 Rainey @ 02/26/07 08:41 AM
Originally Posted by cbgatorade0202
QOTD: Im just strange about my games and I keep every game I ever bought, Prob shouldnt but I do.
QOTD: I usually keep mine, but for some reason I tend to give them away to friends or family. Kinda hard to have a collection that way, huH?
# 7 MachoMyers @ 02/26/07 09:02 AM

I keep the great ones I know I will go back too...I should keep more because it seems I always have the itch to go back to almost all of them.
# 8 TJdaSportsGuy @ 02/26/07 09:34 AM
What's up?

I have the day off today from the fulltime job - a comp day from working President's Day. I plan to spend it relaxing and not doing much of anything.

It depends on the game. If it's a sports game I play all year, I keep it. For instance, I'll have Madden and NCAA Football until next year's games are released. Same with College Hoops and NBA2K7. NHL? I'm surprised I haven't traded it in yet. I've spent like...NO time at all playing it. If it's a different type of game, a shooter or an action/adventure game, I'll probably dump it as soon as I finish it.
# 9 nyisles16 @ 02/26/07 10:26 AM
whats up? Got hit with a "major storm" ---- if you listened to the weather people around here... maybe got 3 inches if that.. the best prediction was on tv last night where they said "2 to 7 inches".. what a way to be bold !! anyhoo - i did my "good deed of the day" by shoveling out my landlord's walkway (they are an old couple, & very nice).. when I got back to my aparment, the wife came over with some food & some other stuff to thank me.. tomorrow comes too slowly!!!

QOTD.. I used to keep them.. however, with the costs of the games going up, if I do not play a game often, or that seems that no one else plays, I do trade it in...
# 10 Pete1210 @ 02/26/07 11:17 AM
Yep, that was some storm on Long Island. I think we got about 2" of snow, but it is the most we got so far this year. I couldn't believe they actually delayed my kids school opening this morning. Good news is I took them in, so that means only 1/2 day of work for me today. Since I was home I picked up the GRAW2 demo. It was fast. But the MLB 2K7 demo was slow, I only got to 20%. On the way to work I stopped in Bestbuy to check out the video game clearance. It was BS as they had no clearance games, at least in my Bestbuy.

QOTD: I trade in or sell more games than I used to. If its a unique game, like Rockstar Table Tennis, I will keep it even if I'm not playing it much.
# 11 pennstlbu @ 02/26/07 12:22 PM
QOTD: I usually keep my games, but as of late I've sold/traded in some of my games due to my unhappiness of playing them.
# 12 sbmnky @ 02/26/07 03:51 PM
QOTD: It's "overwhelming" for me to have more than 3 or 4 games in a rotations. Therefore, I sell/trade most of my games. However, if a good FPS is around and has lot of online players, I'll keep it until the next installment comes out.

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