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Racing Games Make Reckless Drivers?

Boomtown has posted an article entitled, Racing Games Make Reckless Drivers?
"A new survey finds that over a third of young drivers think are likely to speed after playing a driving game.

According to the British School of Motoring, 27 percent of UK drivers between 16 and 24 admit to taking more risks while driving following a gaming session.

However over a third of the drivers polled also said they think games can improve their reflexes and driving ability.

That is somewhat born out by the statistics that reveal that over half of gamers pass their test first time compared to a 45 percent pass rate for non-gamers."

MotoGP '07 Screenshots (360)

Xboxyde has posted some more screenshots of MotoGP '07.
"THQ unveils the first images of MotoGP 2007, and it looks alot like its predecessor, to say the least. The game is planned to ship somewhere this year."

Juiced 2 Screenshots (PS3)

Playsyde has posted some more screenshots of Juiced 2.
"Sequel of Juiced is coming to next-gen consoles, and here are the screenies ! I'm actually surprised it looks this good."

Skate Movie Clip (360, PS3)

Xboxyde and Playsyde have both posted a movie clip from Skate.
"Electronic Arts finally released an official gameplay video of SKATE, and in does look quite nice as expected. Finally a skating game that's more simulation than arcade!"

Pro Evo Coin-Ops To Settle Pub Disputes

Kotaku has the scoop.
"Konami Digital Entertainment B.V has announced test versions of its new Pro Evolution Soccer arcade machine have been released into two locations.

Based on the multi-million-selling console game, the coin-op version of Pro Evolution Soccer has been specially created yet retains the series' famed physics and gameplay."

Other Stuff...

Shocker, we lost another basketball game last night. It was only by 30. We had one guy that said he quit after the game. Oh well, more playing time for me, haha. For those keeping track, we haven't won a game this season. Well, we won a game due to a forfeit, but I don't count that one.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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# 1 Shaver @ 03/02/07 07:12 AM
QOTD - My 5 year old has her "Kindergarten Roundup" on Saturday. That's where we go complete all the paperwork and hear the lectures about Kindergarten. It's mandatory, but redundent to us because we just did it 2 years ago with my older daughter.

Speaking of my older daughter, my 7 year old was chosen one of the 3 1st Graders in the district to have her Art displayed at the heritage festival that is at one of the High Schools. She feels like pretty top **** for having her at at the HS. We're excited because it is stuff we haven't even seen before. Makes ya proud.

Besides that... I really need to learn to hit in MLB2k7. I suck!
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ 03/02/07 07:24 AM
QOTD - Not much, putting up a closet organizer in our bedroom. Going to the Cavs game tomorrow night. And that's about it. A nice, nothing weekend, could use it.
# 3 Pete1210 @ 03/02/07 08:34 AM
QOTD: Saturday we are taking about an hour car ride to SUNY Stony Brook. My oldest son will be applying to colleges this fall. We are trying to steer him towards a State school for financial reasons and there are some good SUNY schools.
# 4 MachoMyers @ 03/02/07 08:37 AM
School work, snowboarding, and UFC!!!!!
# 5 nyisles16 @ 03/02/07 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by mike95
QOTD: Saturday we are taking about an hour car ride to SUNY Stony Brook. My oldest son will be applying to colleges this fall. We are trying to steer him towards a State school for financial reasons and there are some good SUNY schools.
Stony Brook is one of the good ones.. I went to one, though my parents hated the 8 hr trip to take up & back every year

Well my job dropped "the bomb" yesterday.. about 1300 people were let go for "restructuring" reasons. Luckily where I work was not affected, but I knew a few people who were either let go, or demoted from their positions..

QOTD: Tomorrow I am flying down to visit with my buddy for a week (lives right outside Baltimore).. gonna catch the Isles/Caps game in DC as well.. After all the chaos that happened, I need to get away for a little while.
# 6 TJdaSportsGuy @ 03/02/07 08:47 AM
What's up?

If, by some miracle UNCW advances to the Colonial Athletic Association Semi-Finals on Sunday, I'm going to head up to Richmond, VA to watch them. Other than that, it should be a pretty low key weekend.

I have to work Saturday, my last regular season Cal game, then it's on to the Pac-10 Tournament next week, where they'll likely beat Oregon State before getting trounced by UCLA at Staples. Doesn't look like the NIT is in Cal's future, so my baskeball season will officially be over with, most likely, by next Thursday.

MLB2K7 is owning all my video game time. Luckily, I'm able to overlook the problems with franchise by playing a lot of exhibition games and games online with friends. Between the foul lines, this is one hell of a great baseball video game. Hopefully the next two years will see the stuff outside of the actual game get fixed the way we want it.
# 7 stalsy2310 @ 03/02/07 10:11 AM
QOTD: Snow Day so school is closed today so thats nice. Gotta get some partyin in tonight and tomorrow night and then im going to watch alot of college basketball this weekend and more next.....march madness has officially began.
# 8 pennstlbu @ 03/02/07 06:51 PM
QOTD: Getting rowdy in downtown Missoula tonight. Then going to the Montana-Idaho St. Big Sky Conference Tournament game Saturday night. Work on Sunday, though. That kinda sucks.

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